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28th November 2011
By Samantha Dale in Business Law
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Welcome to Central Asia, lands steeped in history, rich in tradition and natural beauty, land where every traveler will find something that strikes a special chord. Famed Silk Road that once united East and West at the crossroads of civilization are now reopened and brought to life. The distinctiveness of the Oriental world shines as brightly as the night sky: stunning architectural compositions, colorful ways of life which have carried forward through the centuries, incomparable food and interesting national traditions.

There is a lot to see in this world, but you can’t quite say you’ve seen it all until you visit Central Asia and grasp first hand the role that the Great Silk Road has played in history. Travel back to earlier times and feel the spirit of the silk traders as the caravans made their way from China, bringing silk, spices, porcelain as well as the philosophies and ideas that transformed the world. The mightiest rulers in history-- Alexander the Great, Tamerlane, Genghis Khan and others ruled over these lands, and today you can explore these legacies and immerse your self in everything they have to offer.

Cities of incredible beauty rose from the steppes and were swallowed again throughout the ages. We’ll take you firsthand to the majestic palaces and fortresses, stately mausoleums, mosques and enigmatic necropolises of legendary Samarkand. Here, architectural jewels of aged past have been preserved to enrich and enlighten present day travelers. You’ll find ancient cities that have been turned into living museums under open sky, visit sites that are much the same as they were centuries ago and see magnificent historical and architectural monuments from different epochs existing side by side.

Throughout your trip you’ll come in contact with people of unsurpassed hospitality whose traditions are like threads connecting the present to a unique heritage and immerse yourself in the native culture. Nomadic yurts, tea serving, wedding ceremonies and many more of unique customs are alive in local families. Easy-going by nature, they are an eclectic population of warm and friendly people with interesting backgrounds and different cultural skills and interests.

Enjoy traditional dances, eye catching costumes and original music during our folklore shows as well as craftsman works created by local artisans. Splendid silks, world famous hand made tribal carpets, wood carvings, and embroidered oriental robes are sold at picturesque bazaars along with many other items that will provide a lasting memory of your tour to the region.

Not only the diverse nature of Central Asia, ranging from dense forests to flat, wide steppes, eventually becoming arid deserts turning into exhilarating mountains, but also sunny and temperate climate with unique flora and fauna of Central Asia sill make your trip fascinating.
All of this contributes to making Central Asia an increasingly popular destination with modern infrastructures and endless potential for many travelers. Wide selection of comfortable hotels decorated in traditional style conveniently located at the hot spots of each stop over city and beautiful restaurants serving delicious local cuisine will help to give you a complete impression of past and present of Central Asia and everything it has to offer to a distant guest.

Today, one of the most ancient regions of the world is welcoming tourist seeking new travel experiences. Our team of professional travel experts will work with you to arrange every aspect of your tour in detail, advising you of everything associated with your tour and making sure that, once your trip starts, nothing will interrupt you from the only true reasons for traveling-- exploration, discovery and simply enjoying yourself each moment of the day From pre-travel arrangements through to touch down on your return flight, we commit ourselves to delivering you the best possible travel experience and unparalleled dependability. This has contributed to our fine reputation in providing our clients with the utmost confidence.

We look forward to taking you on this modern-day caravan through more than 2,000 years of history in on one of our fascinating tours and guide through Central Asia to the distant past, a journey both ancient and modern that is invigorating for mind, body and spirit. Central Asia is not just a travel destination—it’s an exciting adventure!

Travel Central Asia on our 5 Stans Tour with certified and licensed tour operator. Our all inclusive scheduled guaranteed departure tours and customized tailor made tours are offered with free visa processing and will overcome even highest of your expectations! Our prices and dedication can’t be beat! Central Asia Travel with East Site Travel!
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