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21st November 2011
By Samantha Dale in Business Law
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Having a Professional Specialized Personal Bodyguard like Ron Spates, is the best Insurance Policy when it comes to your Personal Protection. In the event of any unforeseen circumstance, you have an individual at your side that can provide Threat Assessment, Physical Protection, Leadership and Evacuation Services.

Your Personal Bodyguard is there to meet your specified needs and to track your specialized itinerary. With the ability to Plan Ahead and by being well equipped with comprehensive Threat-Assessment Skills and Specialized Intelligence, Ron Spates can help in the event of an emergency or unwelcome Security Threat. Here you have a well trained individual to give you Peace of Mind and to Prevent Security threats before they occur. Donít leave your Personal Safety or Event Security to chance. Make sure you have a Skilled Professional like Ron Spates to ensure a safe outcome when it really counts.

By planning for worst case scenarios Ron Spates can coordinate your Personal Safety. It is essential to have a Certified Executive Protection Specialist with specialized training to protect you, your family or your assets. Personalized Service and Advance Work is a requirement of any Comprehensive Protection Plan and the ability to adapt and respond to varying threats is not a skill learned overnight or through an online course. With over 10 years of Executive/VIP and Corporate Protection Experience you can Trust your Safety to Ron Spates - Bodyguard Nation, with the Knowledge and Expertise to Ensure your Safety in all Circumstances.

When hosting a Celebrity VIP event, Coordinating an Autograph Signing, or Traveling with sensitive materials or documents, Safety must be a Number One consideration. Nothing compromises an event more than uninvited guests, rowdy, intoxicated attendants, or individuals who are looking to stalk Celebrity figures. Having a skilled Protection Specialist will help prevent incidences and address any Security Issues promptly. For Celebrity Services, it is especially important to have a Celebrity Bodyguard like Ron Spates who understands the nuances and specific safety considerations of dealing with Crowd Control and Threat Assessment in large public events.

While considering Personal Safety or the Protection of your sensitive materials and assets, it is essential to have a qualified and skilled professional to assist and protect you. Instances of robbery and intellectual theft are real world threats. Having a Bodyguard trained to physically protect you is often the best deterrent for aggressive or criminal minded individuals. Donít allow yourself or those you love to be a victim of circumstance or be a moment of opportunity for predatory people. Let me know what kind of Bodyguard Services you require and I will supply Protection Specialist to fit your specific needs.

There are two ways to find a Bodyguard. There are agencies and then there are Professional Personal Bodyguards who provide Specialized Services. With Bodyguard Agencies, you pay a premium for their overhead and administrative costs. With a Personal Bodyguard like myself, you have direct communication with the person who will be handling your Personal Safety. The added Benefit is also passed directly to you in the form of direct savings. The ability to create a more Personalized and Responsive Service depends directly on your ability to work with your Bodyguard. Donít let agencies be in the middle of your protective services. Choose the direct Personal Protection and Care that I, Ron Spates of Bodyguard Nation can Provide. Your Safety is my Main Concern.
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Introducing Ron Spates - He is Executive Protection Specialist With over Ten Years Executive Protection & Close Protection bodyguard experience. Using a Proactive "Safety First" Results-Driven Approach, I fully take on each client's Personal Safety with vigor, expertise and intelligence. Available for Personal Bodyguard, Celebrity Bodyguard, Executive Proteciton, and other Bodyguard Services.
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