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Compare difference between submit free directory and buy permanent links

21st November 2011
By Samantha Dale in Business Law
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All about submitting free directories:
Directories are considered quite old and proven way for getting maximum traffic over your website. When search engines were not in demand, directories ruled the world of internet. In short, directories proved as the only method to find various sites online. Talking about current situation, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing has taken over the positions by being the main medium for connecting the users to the relevant sites. There are many ways for which website users try to submit their website urls to free directories. They are explained below.

Benefits of submitting free directories:
Submitting your websites to directories online is absolutely free. This means you need not to invest some extra money or investments for making your website popular amongst the search engines. This even means that you can easily get your website indexed with major search engines like Google and Yahoo. By submitting your websites to free directories, you can surely increase your website traffic by welcoming more sales and visitors. With the help of free directory submission, your website can target specific keywords and phrases that are relevant for search engine results. By submitting your website urls to free directories, you hopefully increase your search engine rankings. This means you get a higher branding and rankings than other websites with free directory submissions.

What are permanent links?
Permanent links are the newer style of gaining online website traffic and it is also well known as link popularity and in bound links. Permanent links are considered more reliable and effective because they are stable and steady in giving traffic to your webpage unlike the free directories. That is because free directories provide link building services that may be there today but not tomorrow and hence there is a high level of unsteadiness and ineffectiveness with free website directory submission. Permanent links are simply natural and steady for giving stable and permanent website traffic to your online business site. Moreover permanent links offer long term traffic to your webpage or blog by increasing your site branding and value.

Benefits of using permanent links:
Permanent links are considered as the guaranteed way of directory listings. It gives a stable way to earn income by making your traffic audience steady to your webpage or blog. It means you get a chance to earn more income from your online business with the help of permanent links. Here are some of the major benefits of using permanent links: Quality support for your website, top rankings of the website page, constant and steady website traffic, more sales volume and higher search engine ranking.

Free directory Vs. Permanent Links:
Free website directory submission is definitely one of the most effective to gain website traffic but it is not steady and sure as permanent links. Plus, permanent links are not a kind of automated directory submission schemes that submits your website to useless and strange websites. Thus, permanent links are bought once you have shared the right tags and keywords relating to your website core business and service. Additionally, permanent links submit your website urls to quality directories that can generate an effective source of real valid links.

Webmasters can improve their search engine ranking by buying permanent links and directories. Major search engines like Google and Yahoo also suggest webmasters to submit their website urls to quality link directories. Plus buying permanent links is not hurry-up or rush process and hence, you can submit your website urls slowly and steadily. There are seo experts who handle website linking process on behalf of the webmasters and hence, there is not much time wasted on buying permanent links.

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