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Winning a Green Card

13th October 2010
By Usafis in Immigration Law
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Living in the USA is a dream for many in this world. But to be able to do that you must have a green card first. Obtaining a green card is the one and only hurdle between you and you living in the US.

What is the green card? It is basically proof stating that you are a citizen of the USA. This is something you will need if you want to reside there permanently. Sometimes applying for a visa is not a fast or a guaranteed process. Many a times you may get rejected and then again you will have to wait another fiscal year to reapply.

There are some basic things required of you to make you eligible to apply for the Green card. For example – you should have at least a high school degree. At the same time, work experience in any field for a minimum of two years in the past five years is also a criterion making you eligible to apply.

The diversity visa lottery USA is a program provided by the state of USA that enables you to obtain the green card by a way of a lottery. The State of USA annually gives away 55,000 green cards through lotteries to applicants from some selected countries. So it really depends on how lucky you are to be able to win a green card lottery. There are several countries in the world that the government of USA recognizes, and the citizens of which are allowed to apply for a visa. Several European countries like Denmark, England, Ireland; Asian countries like China, India, and also countries like Australia and New Zealand are enlisted in these. Suppose an applicant does not belong to any of these countries, then if his or her spouse is an international of one of these recognized countries, the couple can apply together for a green card.

Usually the first applicant selected for the fifty thousand of these lotteries is from one country, the second is from the next and so on. The chances that one applicant from one country lands this opportunity is the same as someone else from another country landing the card. So there is no biasness regarding the selection procedure.

Usually countries with low immigration rates have the most number of people winning these green cards.

Once you have been selected for a green card, you will be contacted by the USA government on your mail ID which you have provided in your online registration form. Alternatively, with the serial number you obtained after registering, you can keep checking online for your application status.

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