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Cost savings Plans for Organizations and their Impacts.

02nd November 2012
Operating a significant company inside of the United States is not as simple as it used to be. Profits are smaller, opposition is bigger, budgets are getting reduced and the user opinion is regularly transforming. It's becoming essential for large firms t...
Author: Merle Youngberg
Business Law

Why You Should Consider Company Registration In Thailand

16th August 2011
If you are thinking of company registration in Thailand, then you are at the very least, open minded and ambitious. Companies lacking lofty ambition are probably too scared to take any sort of a risk and expand, especially to a place like Thailand. For de...
Author: JohnCimble
Immigration Law

Australian Visas and Labour Agreements

14th October 2010
Temporary and permanent visas can be granted under a labour agreement. These are formal arrangements to recruit a certain number of overseas skilled workers and are generally effective for two to three years. A Labour Agreement can be used by an organi...
Author: dylan