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Why Choose Foreclosure Defense Services in Boca Raton?

12th November 2010
By mattlinwyman in Real Estate Law
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Many homeowners are dealing directly with the bank to modify their mortgage or to work out a short sale of their home, and are learning that even though the bank is “working with them” the bank’s attorneys are relentlessly pushing the home into foreclosure at the same time. Many people make the mistake of thinking that if they are negotiating with their lender to modify their existing mortgage, then they do not need to worry about the bank’s foreclosure lawsuit. Mattlin & Wyman warns that this is a dangerous misconception that can cause you to lose your home!

“Rarely are the business side of the bank and the legal side of the bank on the same page. In fact, it is often the case that the bank is so big and the two departments are so far out of sync, that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing” says Andrew Wyman, Managing Member of Mattlin & Wyman, PL. “Many law firms that represent lenders in residential foreclosure lawsuits do so exclusively. They do nothing else. They are foreclosure factories that gain points with their clients by getting the Courts to render foreclosure judgments in their favor as quickly as possible. Sometimes, all you need is the time for the modification process to run its course. In the meantime, the bank’s lawyers are marching full-speed ahead towards a foreclosure judgment. Have you ever tried to speak to someone at one of these foreclosure factories to reasonably discuss an abeyance of the bank’s lawsuit while you modify? If you are an individual homeowner, you’ll be lucky to get past the automated answering system. Those lawyers are not your friends and they are looking out for the bank’s best interests – not yours.”

Facing a foreclosure lawsuit alone, without the assistance of an experienced attorney can cost you dearly. Call foreclosure lawyer in Boca Raton and ask how he can assist you with an affordable defense of your foreclosure lawsuit. Get the time you need to modify your mortgage.

In order to get some of the benefits that a solid foreclosure defense has to offer, you and your foreclosure lawyer in Boca Raton, or in your local area, will have to search carefully through all the documents of your loan and any correspondence with your lender to find out what laws were violated.

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