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Your Comprehensive Guide to Filing an Injury Claim

07th September 2010
By Mariah Cole in Personal Injury
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Claimants often feel that filing an Injury Claim is not an easy task mainly because there are so many things to be done. This article will empower you with all the information you require and the following paragraphs will help you understand that with a little guidance filing an Injury Claim is not a hard task.

Injury Claim consist of personal Injury Claims and criminal Injury Claims. Personal Injury Claims consist of trip or fall claims, road accident claims and work accident claims. The process to file claims for these accidents is very similar but a few of the steps involved are a little different from each other. For instance to file road accident claims the claimant has to call the police and get a copy of the police report where as to file work accident claims the claimant has to report the accident to his boss so that the details can be entered into official records.

To be eligible to file an Injury Claim the claimant has to get his injuries treated by a certified doctor. By getting injuries treated the claimant ensures that his wounds do not worsen and that he has proof that he was injured due to an accident. Claimants should remember that minor wounds should not be ignored and that they should be treated as well. Claimants are advised to visit their doctor if they notice any new symptoms after the accident and to keep a track of all symptoms from day one.

Claimants should not attempt to self medicate or self treat their wounds since in most cases claimants are required to submit documents like prescriptions, medical papers with diagnosis, treatment bills and treatment receipts along with the claim application. If the claim is accepted then the claimant will be compensated for medical expenses along with miscellaneous expenses like lost wages or property damage if applicable. Claimants may also be able to get compensation for pain and suffering if they can prove that they suffered significantly due to the accident.

The time period allotted to claimants to file a personal Injury Claim is 3 years from the date of the accident. This time limit is applicable for road accidents, work accidents and trip or slip accidents. Claimants are advised to file Injury Claim as soon as possible since by waiting till the last minute the claimant may be rushed for time which may cause him to forget important claim related information. Since good personal injury solicitors require some time to work on claims it can be said that by starting the claim process within the first or second year the claimant will be increasing his chances of finding a good personal injury solicitor.

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