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What You Need To Know About Fatism as Discrimination

05th October 2011
By Jester Maru in Legal
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Fatism is a kind of discrimination according to an individualís weight. Fatist people are those who decline overweight people and most of the time denies them of equal rights and opportunities mainly because they are heavier than others. When an individual becomes a victim of fatism, there are a number of employment discrimination claims that can be sought following the wrongful action.

According to sociological studies, fatism occurs more often than racism. Nevertheless, the problem seems to be taken for granted by many because majority does not believe that the problem exists in the first place. Since many find fatism as socially acceptable, it is not defined legally and has not been openly banned.

Fatists have all the tendencies to think that weight is a relatively controllable attribute, hence, overweight pedestrians are too idle to maintain a more adequate weight. Having such idea, fatists may then assign as well other negative traits to those who are overweight including a lack of fidelity, a lack of intellect, a lack of concern with bodily health and a lack of great humor, which generally equates to unconstructive character or personality.

Moreover, fatists usually believe that it is unattractive to have an overweight frame. Worst, others associate fatness with ugliness. They may even recognize that it is unreasonable that overweight people are treated badly, but they are only in fact, pragmatic about their real intention.

If you are suffering from mild or extreme discrimination due to fatism, take time to comprehend that there are lots of ways to contest with such dilemma. Below are some of the tips that can help you in overcoming the discrimination.

1. Refrain from creating rumors or being involved in such doing about overweight people.
2. Test stereotypes of overweight individuals.
3. When you witness any acts of fatism, do complain or report such case.
4. Know how to speak out when other people make fun of assigning characteristics to others based on their weight.
5. Do not hesitate to correct faulty information regarding weight and health issues, especially if it is about specific individual.
6. Do not be afraid to imply your discomfort explicitly with conversations or topics relating to physical manifestations.

7. Decline to watch advertisements that promote a slim standard of beauty.
8. Do not he shy to ask others to examine their personal views on weight, worth, and equality.

It is undeniable that fatism is becoming a widespread societal dilemma, yet it is also a type of discrimination wherein many refuse to believe. Do not delete in your mind that employment discrimination claims can always be pursued if there are enough lawful bases.

George Fuller used to be a campus journalist in a University and holds a degree in AB Mass Communication. He jumped-start his profession in web content writing and has written Employment Discrimination Claims articles to date.

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