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If you should accept the very first whiplash injuries claim proposal

28th September 2011
By YogiAcevedo in Legal
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Should you agree to the initial whiplash injury claim deal

Our insurance industry in the UK has become quite skilful at resolving whiplash injury claims because of a surge of litigation cases which to this day continues to increase month on month.

One particular tactic that insurers are now making use of in order to negotiate claims quickly and efficiently, is to make what is known as a "pre-medical" offer. In effect this is an offer of settlement that is made very early on in a claim, when little or no evidence has been brought forth by the injured party or their attorneys. The basic idea is that by placing cash before an injury victim, they may be lured into an instant settlement.

From the insurers angle, an immediate settlement is a really good conclusion because the legal expenditure and ultimately payout costs are drastically reduced.

From a legal viewpoint, these offers are not good. There are lots of occasions when an injured party will accept a lump sum very early on within the claims process simply to realise that their symptoms continue and in some cases may actually get worse. Once you accept a deal of settlement during a legal claim of this type, you cannot go back to the negotiating table. If your claiming for a whiplash injuries or for a broken bone, the moment you technically accept a deal of settlement, the case is considered at an end so far as the legal process is concerned.

There are after all occasions where early offers of pay outs are very much to both negotiators advantage. The insurance firm may want to get rid of the claim quickly but at the same time, if an injury is not particularly problematic, the accident victim might wish to settle the matter without delay. This cuts down on unnecessary inconvenience and hassle.

In general though, whiplash injury is very debilitating and it is simply not smart to settle a claim very quickly. Inevitably pre-medical offers are well on the low side with figures in the region of 1000 being very common. The reality is that most whiplash injury claims will be a sum far greater than this amount which means of course that the majority of individuals who accept early offers, are more than likely shortchanging themselves.

If you consider that your whiplash claim can be made without any legal costs being paid, the best way forward is to pay attention to your lawyer and consider very carefully what your options are. Only resolve your claim if you are fit and ready to do so, do not resolve simply because an insurance firm has decided to tactically throw cash at the case from the very start.

If you feel healthy and are not troubled because of your whiplash symptoms then you might as well benefit from a pre-medical settlement.
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