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what to seek in Houston criminal attorneys

13th October 2010
By dennissmith in Criminal Law
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It can be said that a lawyer is like a good pair of hiking boots: when the fit is wrong, it is a long rocky road to walk; if the fit is right, it isnít quite as hard.

When you or someone you know has been charged or foresee charges, the first thing you should do is take the assistance of a criminal attorney. However, selecting the right Houston defense attorney can be the hardest part of the whole ordeal.
Priority should be given to factors like experience, results, bedside manner, and ability. While you may think you cannot afford a good lawyer, you cannot afford not to hire one

Many Houston criminal attorneys concentrate in particular areas of defense, such as DWI / DUI, child molestation, and white collar crime, in addition to handling routine criminal defense cases. It is crucial your hire a lawyer who is willing to spend sufficient time to learn about your case and your defense, and to do whatever is necessary both legally and ethically to achieve the best possible result.

Defense needs may differ depending on the offense. In some cases, you may require someone who has special knowledge of a certain area of criminal law, white collar crime. For some people, with a run-of-the-mill charge like misdemeanor theft, a general criminal attorney is sufficient. The basic thing is to determine the kind of qualities that you look for in a lawyer.

Believe it or not, the golden rule of thumb is to hire the most qualified attorney you can afford. You must understand that you are dealing with a situation which would cause you to have a criminal record. You need someone who knows the procedures and handles the situation properly.

The associations in which the lawyer belongs may help you to determine his status and position in the field. He should belong to local and State criminal law organizations. Board certification is also preferable. This would indicate that he has genuine interest, as well as serious experience, and not just a passing curiosity with his job.

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