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Fraud Crime Gang Busted

24th August 2010
By changcasper001 in Criminal Law
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Taipei, Taiwan, August 18, 2010- A fraud crime group, which used to operate under the cover of an incense shop, has been busted. The group has 17 members and is headed by OO Chen. It used to recruit juvenile delinquents and made a lot of money by making fraud calls. The victims were usually based in China. The con men posed as Chinese bank staff, prosecutors, and police.

Sector Five of Brigade Six of Crime Investigation Bureau got this information in January, 2010. They got to know that this group in Taiping, Taichung County, recruited youths to commit telecom frauds in China under the cover of incense shop for temple activities. These clever-minded people posed as customer service reps of China telecom, prosecutors, police, or staff of financial institutions. They committed crimes by way of overdue telephone bills and money remittance in saving accounts.

The fraud crime group was shrewd to the degree that they seeped in the low, middle, and upper level of organizations while duping Chinese victims. Their modus operandi was equally cunning. They randomly picked any number and contacted the victims through IP phone. They made the victims call again by pressing the number 9 to call the center of this crime group.

The first female customer care executive used to call the victims to say that their telephone bill, utility bill, and interest on loan was due. Sometimes, she used to say that their ID was counterfeited. She then asked the victim to contact the police. When the victimís call was transferred to the police, it was taken by the fraud male members of the group. The fake police asked the victims to change the PIN code of their ATM according to their instructions. Ironically, the victims were told that they should do this in order not to be defrauded or duped by prosecutors.

The second-line members on the phone of the fraud crime group pretended as prosecutors or officials of financial institutions. They requested the victims to transfer all funds from the bank account to a dummy account to avoid the risk of information breaching. This way, all the funds in the victimís bank account were transferred to a dummy account from which these tricksters used to withdraw.

The Sector Five of Brigade Six of Crime Investigation Bureau collected this information with the help of the local police. The investigation went on for 8 months after which the swindler group was caught red-handed. The operation was conducted under the guidance of Ru-Juan Xiao, Shu-Ling Lin on August 4, 2010.

The investigations revealed that the group of cheats was members of the Taiwan local religion group and involved in temple activities. The incense shop is the headquarters of this swindler groupís illegal activities. The shop has many chambers which have secret back doors. There are various video cameras installed in the corridor which are connected to these chambers to keep an eye on police activities. The fraud crime group refused to open the door when the police team tried to search the house by warrant.

The crooks destroyed evidence and documents in the computer, burnt SIM cards, and tried to escape through different chambers. However, they all got caught when the police broke open the door. At first, all the suspects denied their involvement. But when they were shown proofs like conversation from recorded phone calls, they confessed to their crimes and pleaded guilty.

The investigation report shows that it is difficult to estimate the profit they have pocketed. The stolen money was withdrawn from dummy accounts by members hiding in China and transferred to normal commercial accounts while the rest was paid as salary for the Taiwan members.

The fraud crime group was successfully executed with the help of E-Detective by Decision Group. It provides high quality voice from recorded calls. It also provides CDR with routing information. Different network routes were used by these bilkers to connect fraud calls from the Internet.

For more information about fraud crime visits the given link.


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