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Help Your Personal Injury Settlement Worth

13th October 2010
By Atlanta, Georgia Accident Lawyer in Personal Injury
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This is an attempt to teach you how to increase your personal injury settlement in any state. I am wishing that this article and any others that I write will be equally helpful to practioners and clients of those lawyers, whoever they may be. Without a doubt, my mother would her son should always be your lawyer of choice, but I will let history make that decision. Well, let us start with a good tip to increase the value of your motor vehicle accident settlement.

The first tip to increase the value of your case is to get the proper medical treatment. Now, I know that sounds easy, but it is not. Let me explain what I mean. (Note that in the below discussion I am assuming the other driver was at fault in the accident.) So, why is it not easy to do this?

Why do you stop? Because you start to feel noticeably better. You don't feel perfect, but what a huge difference, right? Then, what happens next? You start to feel bad again. But, this time the same medicine will not work. You rush to finish the medication, but it is too late. Now, you are back at the doctor's office. The same is true with going to the doctor. But, let me back up a second.

After a car accident, your blood pressure will likely go through the roof. You have been involved in a traumatic sitiuation that your body and brain are attempting to put into order. Youradrenalineis high, and you will not know what is happening. I remember back when I played football that it was only hours after the game that the bruises showed themselves and the pain began in places I didn't remember getting hit. The same goes with a car accident.

However, you may hurt. Perhaps, your neck is feeling sore or your upper or lower back. This is very common. So, back to the advice. Go to the hospital, for goodness sakes. And I mean, go to the hospital right then.

Now, the ER is really there to make sure you are not going to die and nothing is broken. In most minor to mild injuries, the ER will send you out with some Vicodin and Motrin. However, they will tell you if you still hurt to call back the hospital orcontact your family doctor.

{I hope that you really decide to learn from the clients I have learned from and decide to take my opinions as solid. If and when you go to your normal physician, they send to a specialist. Never miss a date. Go to all of your appointments and communicate how you feel honestly.

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