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What Really Brings Healing and Relief Following a Relationship Breakdown,Separation or Divorce??

31st May 2011
By James Richardson in Divorce
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We have run Divorce Recovery courses for many years for people experiencing the trauma of a breakdown of their relationship. Our workshops use powerful techniques ,exercises and strategies to enable participants to accept the end of their relationship, learn instruction in "survival" techniques and finally learn the skills to move onto a new and fulfilled life. The courses have proved to be a huge success : participants report the course provided the healing, skills and a pathway to a healthier and happier new life.We are totally convinced in the benefits of divorce recovery education ,in fact we believe it is critical to future relationships that we first resolve our past relationships. It is also hugely important to totally understand the separation process.
Our divorce recovery course participants often commented that they found it extremely helpful to share their stories and express their emotions surrounding their relationship breakdown with fellow course participants and to hear and relate to fellow participants experiences. Participants consistently reported that by doing so they began to realise that the strong feelings they were experiencing were "normal" and that they were not "alone". It seemed a combination of learning techniques for healing and personal growth AND sharing with others the experiences of going through a relationship breakdown provided a powerful "recipe" for a "healthy" recovery from separation and divorce.

We had been thinking for a long time , that to make the techniques and skills we taught in our workshops available to a larger group of people via a DVD Set would be a very worthwhile project. However , to get maximum benefit for the viewers of the DVD's we asked participants of our Divorce Recovery Courses and Divorce Support groups if they would be prepared to appear in the DVD. A very special group of people from our workshops , kindly agreed . This has added a very powerful , moving and insightful account of people , honestly and intimately telling their stories of their relationship breakdown and emotional journey - the strong emotions they felt and how they worked through and resolved them following their relationship breakdown, separation or divorce. The participants explain what worked for them and why in their recovery process.This is very inspiring to view!
This has proven to be a very worthwhile project , the DVD's are unique , we believe ,in allowing many people around the world to participate in a very interactive , healing divorce recovery program. Many viewers of the DVD comment that they no longer feel alone after viewing them and felt far more positive about their future.. This ,alone, makes the project very worthwhile in my opinion.
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