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The 4 Emotional “Paths” You Can Take Following Your Relationship Breakdown,Separation Or Divorce.

31st May 2011
By James Richardson in Divorce
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Following the end of your relationship there are 4 emotional “paths” you may follow. In fact in the first few months of your relationship breakdown , you may take all 4!!

The first “path” is the “Unresolved “ path. After a relationship breakdown you will likely feel great sadness and lethargy. If not challenged it may lead to depression and a tendency to withdraw from society. Separated people on this “path” often stay here for many years and the problems, issues and emotions surrounding the relationship breakdown may stay with them the rest of their life if not addressed.

The second “path” is the “High Emotion” path. After a relationship breakdown you may experience feelings of anger, resentment and a desire to “get even” .Some people never stop talking about what their ex partner did or did not do to them and if these high emotions are allowed to continue affecting them for many years it may become the only reason to stay alive and a psychological problem may result.

The third path” is the “Rebound” path. A frantic desire and a clutching out for a new relationship is often experienced in an attempt to take away your pain, however , this usually only offers temporary relief as this new relationship is often caused by low self esteem and poor matching due to impaired judgement. For these reasons ,these rebound relationships are generally short term only. Friends are vital, but relationships can be disastrous until we are feeling happy about being independent and single. Our choice of partner will then be more objective and successful.

The fourth “path” is the “Recovery” path. The is a gradual process based on understanding, acceptance, increased self esteem and new skills . This exciting, revitalising route, takes dedication and hard work! The benefits of taking this “Path” are that once learned , the skills are yours for life . People who take the ‘Recovery” path are far more likely to have ‘healthier’ relationships in the future . Given that second (and third!) marriages have an even higher chance of failing (current statistics , show over 40 percent of first marriages ‘fail’ and over 50 percent of second or third marriages fail) it is even more imperative that we work through a healthy , informed ‘recovery’ from our relationship breakdown before contemplating entering a new partnership. divorce recovery workshops are an excellent avenue to facilitate our ‘healing’ and increase our ‘relationship skills” and self awareness after our relationship breakdown . The workshops also allow us to share our stories and express our emotions with others in a similar situation , which is has enormous benefits for participants.

My DVD Set “Recovery” is based on this path and aims to give you the skills to heal and create a new, fulfilled and complete life. The 3 DVD "Recovery" Set is a very nurturing,uniquely interactive and touching guide to assist YOU in your "Recovery" .The DVD's are unique , i believe ,in allowing many people around the world to participate in a very interactive , healing divorce recovery program. Many viewers of the DVD comment that they no longer feel alone after viewing them and felt far more positive about their future.A very useful divorce support tool. We feel this has been a very worthwhile project for us.
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