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IRS Tax Debt Help

06th January 2010
By Williams Tran in Taxes
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IRS Tax Debt Help

The biggest favor you can do for yourself as a taxpayer, is to file your yearly income tax returns. However, if you fail to do this, then you can fully expect the IRS to come after you with fines and penalties. It is your duty as a taxpaying citizen of the United States to file yearly tax returns, if you do not then you are only hurting yourself and you will need tax debt help. Finding out you owe a substantial amount of money in back taxes can be alarming and financially devastating. It does not matter why you did not file or why you end up owing so much money, the important thing for you to know now, is how to reduce tax debt. We can help!

There are things to do that are essential if you are to get out of tax debt and we can help you explore your options. Most people do not know or have sufficient information needed to deal with this kind of problem alone. This is why it is in your best financial interest to work out some sort of workable solution with the assistance and guidance of a tax attorney. We have the skills and expertise to navigate complex tax laws and interpret tax codes, in ways that the average person cannot, we will provide tax debt help. This is what makes our services so vital when you are having tax troubles.

A tax attorney has the resources, skills and expertise to work on a wide array of legal tax issues, including a way to reduce tax debt. We spend countless hours researching and IRS codes, US Treasury Regulations and IRS rulings and legal decisions. We then turn around and use this knowledge to help you, our customer, beat the IRS at their own game. What do you have to lose if you do not call us? In a word, everything.

You only have 30 days to file a response to an IRS Notice, so you cannot afford to waste any time. Once this 30 day period has expired, the IRS can do anything they want. They can seize your asset, garnish your wages, take property, and confiscate the funds you have in your savings and checking accounts. A tax attorney is the best representative you can have in a situation like this, they can secure an extension or "freeze", that will prevent the IRS from any further collection actions. During this time, your tax attorney will analyze your financial information and work hard to find a suitable option for tax debt help.

Your solution may include an Offer In Compromise, Installment Agreement or if you have no means to repay your tax debt, you may qualify for a tax settlement. This may mean you are able to reduce tax debt or possibly have the tax debt erased. Whatever you do, it is important to take action now. You must do something to solve your situation or it can ruin your credit rating and your life.

If you fail to file your income tax returns, you can face legal action, civil penalties and even worse than that, the prospect of jail is a possibility. Failing to file tax returns is illegal and considered a felony. Trying to deceive the IRS, can result in fines of up to $25,000 and a one-year jail term. This is just one scenario of many that can happen, if you do not seek immediate assistance for your income tax debt.

When you are facing serious tax debt the best thing you can do is address it immediately. Without tax debt help, you are taking your life into your hands and opening yourself up for anything to happen. You need the help of a tax attorney to get your returns filed in a timely and accurate manner, and in the process we can minimize and adverse actions that the IRS may take against you.

IRS Tax Attorney
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