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What is a Green Card Visa and How Can You Get a Green Card?

04th January 2011
By Stanley Hermosillo in Immigration Law
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A green card visa serves as record that shows an individual has permanent resident status in the United States. This article will describe some different reasons green cards may be issued to immigrants/foreigners seeking to live/work in the United States for extended periods of time.

Ways to get a green card

The people who get involved in the Immigrant Investor Visa do so to get a green card. Having a green card allows one to stay within the U.S. without any sort of conflict. But, many people get a green card for a variety of reasons. Below are some of the common reasons why an immigrant will seek a green card:

Education Ė Many immigrants seek better education than that offered in their home country. A lot of immigrants will come to the U.S. with the hopes of specializing in a specific field that maybe isnít so popular at home or isnít as widely studied. In the U.S. universities of all kinds offer majors and special studies and anything you can think of. This attracts immigrants as education is something that many people strive for in todayís world.

Marriage Ė Some people will come to the U.S. for marriage and will acquire a Green Card Visa that way. Though many people look down upon this practice, sometimes people really do marry out of the right reasons, not just to provide their spouse with a green card. When going through the EB5 Visa Program, immigrants are often asked why they are seeking a green card, and many times marriage may throw up a red flag. However, immigration agencies do realize that some people do want to become permanent residents not just for the money, but because they have a significant other living within the U.S. There are laws that have been created that make it illegal for a U.S. resident to marry an immigrant for the sake of a green card.

Job Ė Employment within the U.S. often pays better and offers greater benefits than other jobs in some countries. A lot of immigrants will come to the U.S. seeking a better paying job so that they can live somewhat comfortably. In the U.S., there is such a wide range of jobs, something that is extremely attractive to immigrants because they donít have to settle into just one career path. The opportunities in the U.S. are often times reaped by immigrants who come, apply, and earn a green card.

Immigrant Investor Program - A green card visa can also be obtained through an Immigrant Investor Program such as the Eb5 Visa Program, which grants immigrants the right to live and work in the United States in return for an investment in a US business.
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