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What If Someone Sues Me For An Accident Compensation Claim?

13th March 2009
By David Halbert in Legal
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When involved in a car accident, there are two situations that mostly happen. The first is that the driver who is responsible hits and runs away. Alternatively, the driver stays and weighs the entire situation. If you are the one responsible for the accident, it is always better to stay and see the damage. Running away after the accident without having seen the damage can go against you as you can be sued for something even if you're not completely responsible for it.

Considering all else aside, it is important to keep in mind that if you were truly responsible for the accident and for causing someone injury or financial loss, then would be sued for the compensation as well and it is recommended that you offer cooperation in the entire process.

When you get sued by someone for a compensation claim, the first thing that you should do is to contact your insurance agent and notify them about the accident and give the details related to the accident and the circumstance in which it took place.

In this incident, you insurance company will see your insurance policy and would be able to know what the insurance company can compensate for. Consulting an accident attorney is also a recommendable thing so that you know your position and you can be sure about the validity of the claim as well as the extent to which you insurance company would be able to fulfil the claim.

In case you don't have an accident attorney, you should get one. There are many websites online where you can contact an attorney. While getting the attorney, you should keep in mind that the attorney should be experienced and an expert in his field.

In most cases, the insurance company assigns an accident attorney free of charge. However, if the amount you're sued for is greater than what your policy allows, then you might have to get your own accident attorney to handle your case. Getting an attorney is very important because it may be the case that you have been sued for more than what you were responsible for. In such a case, the attorney would be able to tell about the validity of the claim the other party is making and if you were being sued in the wrong place or for more than you ought to be, then you would be saved.

If you are being sued, then another thing, which is considerable, is that you can personally be sued only if your insurance company does not cover for the kind of damages and losses done. However, if your insurance company does cover the kind of damages the other party suffered, then you can personally not be sued and it would be your insurance company, which would compensate the damages, or injuries that were done to the other party.

If you're being sued for an accident claim, then your insurance company and accident attorney would advise you and would guide you through the necessary procedure.

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