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How to recover from serious head injury

03rd March 2009
By Nick Jervis in Legal
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Serious head injury can lead to a lifetime of debilitation and a wide range of problems. However, a great deal of progress has been made in the treatment of serious head injury over the last few years, and the emphasis is now very firmly placed on treatment through rehabilitation and helping victims to get back on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

Head injuries are the most common cause of brain damage in young people, with approximately 7,500 suffering head injuries in the UK each year. Most of these head injuries are mild, but can still lead to problems over a prolonged period. The most common cause of head injuries is road traffic accidents, although any form of impact to the skull can cause internal injury to the brain. Not all problems are apparent immediately after an injury has been sustained, and victims can develop long-term effects including post traumatic epilepsy and hydrocephalus (where cerebrospinal fluid collects on the brain). The effects can also be more subtle, with changes in behaviour, depression and the ability to concentrate being the most common.

Rehabilitation can be a lengthy process after a serious head injury, but fortunately the medical profession has developed comprehensive treatment and recovery methods that can dramatically reduce the long-term effects. Specialist claims solicitors have also teamed up with medical experts to ensure that victims receive all the treatment they need as soon as possible. One of the first steps they take is to assign a Case Manager, usually a former nurse with many years experience in the treatment of head injuries. They will assess the immediate needs of the patient, including any assistance needed with living requirements such as home care, any adaptations needed to the victim's home and continuous physical therapy and treatment to help the recovery process. They will also consider if the victim needs psychological counselling, as many victims have problems coming to terms with the effects of a serious head injury.

A serious head injury can fundamentally effect a victim's ability to return to their job, so financial matters can be a serious concern. A specialist claims solicitor with experience in this field will help to get victims of head injury caused by road traffic accidents the compensation they deserve and need to enable them to recover as quickly as possible.

With advances in cognitive therapy, physical therapy and the human body's remarkable ability to repair even serious injuries, the chances of a good recovery from a serious head injury are now much better than before. Although it may take months or even years for the recovery to happen, a serious head injury does not necessarily mean the victim spending the rest of their lives in care homes or in hospital. Trauma treatment has improved immeasurably and the NHS is committed to developing new and better methods of treatment and rehabilitation for victims.

With the support of a specialist solicitor, victims can also receive the compensation that will make a difference to their lives in the long term without the added worry of financial problems caused by an inability to work for a prolonged period of time. By working closely with professionals experienced in the treatment of serious head injuries, victims can begin to rebuild their lives, even after serious trauma has stopped them in their tracks. Taking it slowly is the key - the road to recovery might be a long one. But the prognosis is much better now than it's ever been, and can only improve as more research and development of head injury treatment continues.

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