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How can I use UNIX What are some of the basic commands?

16th February 2011
By shilpa dws in Internet Law
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UNIX is such an operating system where multiple users can log in. For connecting to UNIX, if you are a Windows user then you can use SSH Secure shell which would provide you file transfer and logins which are encrypted. If you are using Macintosh then you can use MacSSH or SSH client that you would find within OS X. If you are a UNIX user, then you can download the SSH clients and the servers from the SSH Communication FTP site.

There are some basic UNIX commands which you would be using regularly when you are working in UNIX. These commands are passwd. With the help of this command, you can change your login password. For changing the password you have to enter the current password first and then you have to enter your new password twice. The password should not be more than of 6 characters in length.

If you want to change the directories then you should give the cd command. With this command you can use .. to represent the directory that is above your root directory. Another command related to directory is the pwd. This will let you know in which directory you are currently working. The tilde symbol represents this command also. Another directory related command is ls which will give you a listing of all the files in the directory. If you want to create a new directory under the present directory then give the mkdir command. If you want to remove a directory then give the rmdir command.

If you want to rename a file then you should use the mv command. The cp command would allow you to copy more than one file. The rm command is used to delete a file, but this should be used carefully as there is no undelete command. If you want to send the contents of a file to the display screen then you should give the cat command.

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