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07th June 2010
By Rutland Savour in Employment Law
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Using HR consultancy will help you to learn how best to manage your staff so that your processes are more effective. You can save money and make systems more efficient so that they are more productive. HR consultants will also advise you on how you can comply with employment law from the moment you start to recruit to the point when an employee chooses to leave the business.

An important area that HR consultancy can help with is in the creation of employee contracts and staff handbooks. This is where employee's rights, responsibilities and the procedures by which they should operate are documented. In order to put together this type of paperwork you need to have a thorough knowledge of the employment law in the UK and often this is best handled by employment law experts who can keep abreast of the constantly changing regulations. They can interpret how the laws should be incorporated into the procedures of your company to ensure you are protected against tribunals and claims.

Employment law is changing continually and there are new obligations facing employers every year. A HR consultancy will ensure that the procedures and practices within your business are current and comply fully with the law. It ensures you are not caught out by poor provisions for maternity pay and leave for example. It will make sure you are aware of the minimum wage requirements and the laws on discrimination.

This ultimately protects you against a possible court case and hefty fines. There are also situations that require delicate handling. There may be an employee who has been on long term sick leave or perhaps you have an employee who is late regularly. A HR consultancy can offer sound advice in these situations.

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