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US Green Card Lottery – Immigration Procedures

05th May 2010
By Usafis in Immigration Law
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If you would like to get an eternal residential status in the United States, you will have to get the Green card, which is regarded as the identity card. It is otherwise known as United States Permanent Resident Card. The name Green Card comes from the color of the card and it has the individual's photo identity and details belonging to the United States. Having a US green card means that the individual has a permanent resident status in the United States. Green cards are issued by Immigration and Naturalization Service and obtaining a green card is an Immigration procedure. It is obvious that a Non-US citizen would apply for the Green card and not people from the USA. There are different types of Immigration procedures that one can choose from to obtain a Greed Card.
One way to obtain this status is through family members. Immigrants can obtain this status through employment opportunities and also through investment. Another most interesting form of immigration type is through diversity lottery. There are two other ways of immigration procedures through refugee and asylum status and through the registry.

The diversity lottery procedure is generally used by the immigrants, who have entered the United States with a student Visa and would like to gain the status of a permanent resident in the USA. Diversity lottery services are otherwise known as Green Card Lottery.
The diversity lottery program provides over 50,000 immigrant visas. Many people who have been born in other countries in which the immigration rate is low also apply for Green Card Lottery with the desire to get an enduring residential status in the United States. The citizenship of the individual matters very little in this procedure. What matters most is the country of birth of the individual. People born outside the United States can apply for the Green Card Lottery program if their country has a lower immigration rate to the United States. The applicant can also apply for their spouse and dependent children who are unmarried and under the age of 21. If announced as a winner, they are issued the permanent resident status and would receive an immigrant visa for their passports, which needs to be activated within 6 months from the date of issuance at any port of entry into the United States. The immigrant will receive a stamp on their visa indicating that they are lawfully permitted to live and work in the United States permanently. Finally, the permanent green card arrives in mail within a few months.
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