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Consultancies for Canada Immigration

29th April 2010
By Alena Smith in Immigration Law
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Canada is land of prosperity and is affordable for having good education along with good health scheme. It has the abundance of fresh water, fresh air and safe and sound environment.
Many people like to immigrate in Canada. The government of Canada also grants permanent residence visas to much family and especially for economic class, which comprises of skilled workers and also business immigrants.
But it is not easy for everyone to immigrate in Canada. There are some examinations which are called as immigration "Entrance Exam" is undertaken, it all depends on the procedure of immigration one has to enter whether as Skilled Worker, Manager, Business person.
There are many Canada Immigration Consultancies which also provide as Free Assessment:
• Immigration CA:
This immigration center is authorized by Government of Canada. This immigration consultant provides easy solution to applicants who want to immigrate in Canada and also for the Canadian companies who wants to hire foreign employees. For more information you can log onto

• Vancouver, Canada service:
This is one of the best consultants which provide immigration in Canada for free assessment. It depends on the person who is immigrating. Whether is applying in the form of business category or as an investor or for the spouse or family. But the best way is to apply through provincial Nomination, Application by Business Class or New Canadian experience.
• AK Canada:
Abraham and Krochak, is one of the respected Canadian immigration lawyers who is helping people to immigrate in Canada. This consultancy helps its client by providing them with preliminary packages, which contains checklist documents and other instruction which enables the client to fill the immigration form. The client has to fill the form and sent via mail to the website. After all the procedure of forms and legal process which is done under the guidance of AK firm, the letter is sent to Canadian visa office for the confirmation.
Then the visa office fixes the interview schedule of the client, which followed with Canada Immigration Medical Examination. AK Canada has charges very reasonable fees for its client.

For more information you can log into:

• All Point Immigration:
API is one of the immigration consultant is registered under CSIC. API provides free asseemnet immigration for:
Skilled Workers: where an immigrants need to have good French and English communication skill, work experience, education to reside in Canada.
Business Class: For business immigrant individual must have minimum 3 years of experience and a net worth of $350,000.00 to get applied for Enterprenual class.
Applicant can also fill the quick assessment form, where the applicant has to fill the form in Quick details and will inform for further information.
For free assement of Canada immigration an applicant can fill the form through online.

For Free Canada Immigration Assessment Consultant:
This immigration law firm provides free assessment for Canada immigration. But eligibility procedure has to be undergone which is done free, service like:
1) Personalized assessment of qualification: This procedure is done through online to get the information of qualification.
2) Email Responses
3) Telephone Discussion
But before all these procedure the firm look into it that does the applicant is qualified enough for Permanent Visa.

Log on for more information about Canada immigration!!
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