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US citizenship- A Desire of Many, A Possession of Few

14th January 2011
By Felix Black in Immigration Law
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United States is definitely topping the list of preferred destinations of visitors and tourists, which has led to make US citizenship similar important among all others. One more reason for same is the facilitation that the US citizenship actually serves the citizens with like some very special rights, duties, benefits and many privileges. Also US citizenship allows the individuals to enjoy the federal assistance government services.

US citizenship facilitates the holders with the following mentioned rights and the benefits:

1. Right to live and work in United States: Yes, this is the top most right of the entire list that US citizenship facilitates with. This right allows the citizens of United State to live and work in the country with an ease, without any fear. There are certain non-citizens in United States, who are also permanent residents of the country they definitely enjoy the above mentioned rights. Whereas the case is different for non-citizens of United States, as unlike citizens, they may have the right taken away from them. For example, if the non citizens at any point of time are convicted of any type of serious crime, the chances of their being deport are definitely higher.

2. Freedom to stand for public office. Every country has its own set of laws and requirements. For example, it has been kept mandatory by the US Immigration constitution that all members of the House of Representatives must be citizens of the country for at least seven years, and on the other hand, all the senators must be US Citizenship Holders for at least nine years, before they join their duties or we can also say that before they take their offices. These requirements have been seen by most of the states like in California, it is requirement for the legislators to be citizens of the country for at least three years, whereas for the Governor, the period is of five years, upon taking or joining their office.

3. Freedom to enter and leave the United States: This right entitles the individual with a freedom to enter and leave the boundaries of United States at any point of time whenever they feel a need. These rights are definitely enjoyed by the non-citizens also, such as the green card holders in United States.

4. Right to Vote: Federal office voting powers are definitely limited to the citizens in not just the fifty states but the rule also applies in the District of Columbia. In any case, not all the citizens can get permit to vote by the states. This can be understood by an example: In United States, the constitution permits states from confining their citizens to vote on the grounds of color, sex, race, previous condition of servitude, non-payment of any tax, or age (for citizens who are at least eighteen years old) etc.

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