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Pearce Brings Babies into Anti-Immigration Agenda

13th January 2011
By Warren Brown in Immigration Law
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An interpretation of the age old 14th Amendment is that any baby born on U.S. soil is a U.S. citizen devoid of regard to his/her parents immigration status. States all over the nation appear to discover some thing amiss with this. And so do most of their citizens.

A Really Innovative Concept

While no law has been passed as yet, techniques that are being regarded as is not handing over U.S. birth certificates to children born of illegal immigrant parents. If certificates are handed out they could possibly be different from those given to other U.S. citizens.

Immorality Practiced by the State

The idea behind pushing for this amendment is that illegal immigrants enter the country for the perks that are related with it. These contain much better living conditions, superior jobs, and of course, American citizenship. If American citizenship is kept off the table probabilities are illegal immigration will prove to be more trouble than it is worth. Handing out free U.S. citizenship is also unethical for the reason that quite a few folks have waiting diligently in line and still can't acquire this path to freedom.

Arizona Woes

Arizona has been in the news lately with her immigration lawyers and other groups coming to the fore with suggestions and plans to decrease illegal immigration that plagues the nation. They have created some stringent changes to their immigration law interpretations. The new aspect of the law that the immigration lawyers are talking about is the status of children born on U.S. soil. Some men and women say it is about time.

Man of the Moment

These changes are becoming supported by immigration lawyers and are being spearheaded by the man of the moment, incoming state Senate President Russell Pearce. Pearce has been identified as the anti-illegal immigration crusader and it looks like he is adamant to have his way albeit for the betterment of his state.
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