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NJ Discrimination Lawyer: How He Can Help You

25th March 2010
By Daniel Smith in Employment Law
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If you are working in New Jersey, NJ Law Against Discrimination protects you against any bias at workplace. NJ employees are lucky enough to be protected by this law which is considered to be one of the most powerful and comprehensive civil rights law of New Jersey. Law Against Discrimination covers NJ employees from discrimination based on national origin, race, sexuality, gender, age and disability. If your employer or co-worker violets any of these “protected characteristics” of LAD you can take legal action against that person. If you win the case you will be entitled to recover front pay, back pay, punitive damages, compensatory damages, interest as well as attorney’s fees.

Discrimination at workplace is nothing new but these days this problem has become more serious. Some people are unfortunate to experience such unwanted issues. Discrimination at workplace can take many forms. There can be “direct discrimination” or “indirect discrimination”. In either of the case you take professional help to get what you deserve.

Direct discrimination takes place rarely in comparison to indirect discrimination. An example of direct discrimination can be an offensive comment or statement from your colleague or boss. Those offensive comments can be racial, gender biased etc.Even if they make explicit sexual jokes you can ask your lawyer to help you take action against them. LAD can offer a remedy for victims of such treatments.

Even if you are not subjected to any direct discrimination you can face subtle discrimination at your workplace. For instance your employer can continuously overlook your performance while someone equally or less qualified gets promoted. Another such example can be when you don’t get desirable job where as your co-worker with the same rank or title is assigned good projects.

Many people don’t realize that these acts are discriminatory. Many of them don’t dare to take action even if they know that they are not getting what they deserve. They fear that they will lose their job. However you don’t need to step back for such silly reasons. Your employer can not fire you if you take legal action against him. In fact if he fires you it will only help you to win the case. Subtle discriminations are hard to prove but a good NJ Discrimination Lawyer can prove your case because he has got the experience and expertise necessary to handle your case.

Both direct and indirect discrimination are illegal under LAD or Law Against Discrimination. Hire a discrimination lawyer as he can help you to know your employee rights. Other than LAD, NJ employees are also covered under federal laws including Age Discrimination, Disabilities Act, Employment Act as well as Title VII of Civil Right Act. Unlike LAD these federal laws don’t permit you to approach Superior Court directly. In other federal laws you need to go through a detailed administrative process before your case is taken to the court. Another advantage of LAD is that you get higher level of compensation when you are subjected to any discrimination at workplace. So know all your options well before you file the case.
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