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Do Governments Really Run the Economy?Word

06th December 2010
By Cameron Scott in No Win No Fee
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Go ahead and read the dailies, or listen to the news on radio or television, and the most likely impression anybody gets is that the government is responsible for the economy. Check the news for any statement any central bank of any nation made and that statement is enough to cause both a local and an international reaction.

However, that isn’t entirely the case. The economy moves because businesspeople make it move, whether locally or internationally.Governments only collect economic data, collate it and sort it into something that some businesses can use as a reference for future decisions. Through these government economic figures, a business decision will be made based on quarterly reports, which contain three-month old information.

Businesses move in real-time because businessmen decide on deals now. In a globalized setting where the economies of scale can only be realized by businesses between nations, there is a greater need for private finance professionals to serve as bridges of understanding, agreement and funding. It is one business building off on another, because in international business, there will always be a need for middle men.

The financial services industry is a good example of the speed at which businesses conduct their affairs. A business in a small nation canhop in on the international market via the industry’s international small business loans.A small nation can request funding for its development via international capital investment. An established business hoping to strengthen its presence in various markets can getinternational capital management services.

Gone are the days when local businesses turn to the government for their dreams of becoming big. Today, small businesses aware of their potential in the world market would brave asmall business loanrather than rely on government trade delegations for their expansion. Even socially sensitive infrastructure projects of developing nations have turned to the international capital investment market of the private sector for their much needed funding.

Credit goes to the daring of businesspeople, for in their hope of better profits and larger markets and their impatience to get things done, we’ve seen the growth of global business as never before. Business will transform the financial services industry from a local concern to an international one, whose international capital management services will be called upon by governments to serve the needs of a country.
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