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Tips for a Good Web Design

20th June 2011
By Methew Gilcrist in Internet Law
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Web design is a propos of planning, processing and execution of content on the world of Internet. It is projected at generating a website that hands its content in easy and readable form.
The website comprises web pages which are designed by different computer language that ensures readability on different browsers. Each pages of the website should have related information relevant to the subject website is talking about.

A high quality web design involves content and graphics put in such a way that each seems supplementary to each other. There are plug-in, also available to make the task of designers and developers easy.
In this write up we will discuss about tips revealed by web designUK so that the post can prove helpful to all readers.

The designing tips start with pages as it is the building block of a website. Each page should be linked properly and special care should be given to the navigation so that visitor doesn’t experience any problem in seeking information. The pages should have symmetry with each other so that reader or visitor finds a sense of connection with each page. This uniformity can easily attained by sensing special care on color and appearance.

Second things come the loading time; website owner should take special care on the loading time of the website. He should especially instruct his designer that the pages should take minimum time in loading so that user doesn’t feel his/ her time being wasted. Secondly if your downloading speed is good you may hope for more visitors to come. An experience London web design will avoid cluttering pages with graphics, picture and designs.

Third comes the font of the content. The font style of the content on a web page should be reader friendly. Special care needs to be taken on font size, font style and color of the website so that readers and visitor loves the website to visit. For instance the homepage should be fit in 640x480 pixels, background color should not disrupt the color of the text posted on the page. Common colors are red, blue, yellow and white.

Layout is also very important as it describes the complete page of your website. There are technologies like CSS i.e. Cascading Style Sheets it will help you in maintaining uniform layout throughout the website. Being a genuine owner avoid giving links to other on the website. If you are giving then make it differentiable with other colors so that user may not get confused. Also ensure that the link provided by you should always open in a separate or new window.

Lastly comes the navigation, more your site is user friendly more it will attract visitors and above all your visitor will feel happy about the friendly interface of the website. Generally a good website also provides search facility so that user can put the keyword and search the exact piece of information if available on your website.

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