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The Impact of Blogs and Social Networks on the Web Hosting Industry

07th February 2011
By shilpa dws in Internet Law
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Nobody can deny that the internet has changed the way we view the world and do business. Ted Stevens, former senator in the United States Congress described it most accurately as a “series of tubes” while debating the issue that is network neutrality. Millions everywhere immediately picked up the analogy and ran with it. Soon after the famous phrase was spoken, thousands of blogs and social media sites made it a legend on the internet. Music videos soon featured the slogan, and t-shirts were even printed bearing the phrase, instantly turning the offhand remark into a viral phenomenon. The phrase shows an absolute lack of comprehension of what this monster really is and is capable of.

Just looking at that scenario really paints an accurate picture of how much impact social networks and blogs have on the internet. Millions of people had the opportunity to find out about the phrase in such a short period of time. The internet's power is still growing, and social networks and blogs are right at the forefront of the technological surge. More and more people began blogs of their own, and as this happened cheap web hosting became a serious demand among the internet population. Shared web hosting is one of the types that has become very popular, and as more people felt the need to start their own blog and get their own opinion out on the airwaves, the demand is rising at an exponential rate. The industry surrounding web hosting is growing because of this and online entrepreneurs have even more routes open to them in their quest for new and interesting business start up opportunities. This is the time for any company, large or small, to make their online presence known a begin to market to bloggers and social networking users.

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