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Business Law

How to establish Plumber Company in Philadelphia?

10th August 2011
Plumber Company Philadelphia-2 Synopsis: Housing industry has experienced a boom lately because of low interest rates and open market economy. When you are constructing a new house you must always pay special attention to plumbing because it forms the ...
Author: Jordan Clark

The Joy of An Ex - Parenting Plans From a Kid's Eye View

23rd May 2011
Copyright (c) 2011 Jackie Ramler Parents have been telling the kids to get along, play nicely, share and not speak badly of others, their entire lives. Then the parents announce their separation and the conflict, hostility and upset between them, perh...
Author: Jackie Rahmler

Growing Your Business With A South East Asian Headquarters Company

17th February 2011
If you are an international business, more than likely you are conducting operations in the SE Asia region through a network of distributors in the various countries in the region, and the establishment of a Headquarters company in the region not only mak...
Author: RSM Thailand
Internet Law

The Impact of Blogs and Social Networks on the Web Hosting Industry

07th February 2011
Nobody can deny that the internet has changed the way we view the world and do business. Ted Stevens, former senator in the United States Congress described it most accurately as a “series of tubes” while debating the issue that is network neutrality. Mil...
Author: shilpa dws
Immigration Law

Javier Hernandez Praised for his Work Ethic

05th November 2010
Javier Hernandez is a hard working skilled and he was praised for his work ethic by Sir Alex Ferguson on that account. Javier Hernandez's skills to get the most number of objectives are a outcome of his hard work and continuous instruction."Chicharito" - ...
Author: Nolan Bray
Medical Malpractice

Tips to Find the Experienced Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Attorney

22nd June 2010
The number of medical malpractice cases are constantly on a rise. Whether it is negligence in surgical procedures or the wring diagnosis of a disease, there are numerous plaintiffs filing cases of medical negligence. Despite numerous cases of medical malp...
Author: Ram Chandra

Changing Child Custody In Child Joint Custody Situations

12th January 2010
The first thing that must be recognised is that changing child custody arrangements is a relatively straightforward process provided one thing exists - the agreement of both parents. It simply involves coming to an agreement with your former partner an...
Author: Sarah Dillon