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Be Secured Using SharePoint Server 2010 Claims Based Authentication

04th February 2011
By shilpa dws in Internet Law
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Authentication is absolutely important in today’s world. It is that process which would ask someone to verify who the person really is! The SharePoint Server 2010 Claims Based Authentication feature is something that is absolutely necessary for the purpose of security and also for solving the problem of duplicity.

In today’s world we face such challenges as legislation and privacy regulations which influence the content and the information that we can store about users and therefore in many cases we cannot ask the users to provide all the information. Another problem that we face most often is that when many businesses and government organizations interoperate, all of them do not use the same authentication system and therefore there arises both security and legal issues.
We can be saved from both of these challenges by using the SharePoint Server 2010 Claims based Authentication. This feature would solve the privacy and other compliance related issues by asking much less personal information from people and entrusting other parties or any other system for doing the identification checking. In this type of security system different systems can be integrated and the communications between various systems can be allowed with the help of open standards.

The platform that is provided by Microsoft is known as Windows Identity Foundation which was earlier known as Geneva framework. Here you would also find a programming library so that you can build claims applications. Active Directory Federation Services offer services so that you can accept, create and transform the tokens containing the claims. Cardspace is a user interface which would help you select the identity card that you want to use for a particular system.
However, there is one shortcoming of the claims based authentication of SharePoint Server 2010 is that it might let you know that a contractor from a partner company is using your system but it will not let you specify any rule so that all the financial information should not be seen by the contractors.

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