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Divorce Consent Order - Quick Divorce

23rd September 2010
By Franklin Bill in Divorce
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The role of marriage in modern society and its termination through divorce have turned into political issues. In circumstances where the disagreement between the two parties is very strong and they have not been communicating with each other, they may be left with no other option than to proceed with a divorce through consent orders. Divorce through mediation takes much longer, normally between six months to two years. Therefore, in order to get quick divorce and pace the divorce proceedings, one should forgo his egos aside and cooperate in the divorce procedure.

To get quick divorce, one should be open to dialogue to determine any of the pending issues. It is important that both the parties communicate civilly in order to reach a final stand on the issues. Keep in mind that getting into insignificant arguments will not only cost one, more money but will also widen the painful procedure. When the divorce papers are filed, one should be prepared for the proceedings to last about a year or more as agreed under local laws. Only when one is open to negotiations, getting quick divorce is possible.

Divorce consent order is a perfect tool to get quick divorce. For couples that seek divorce fast, consent order may prove useful in providing a quick divorce. A consent order is a saving grace for couples seeking divorce, as it streamlines the procedure, makes it less bitter and cuts costs drastically. It is usually linked with the 'clean break' process where both parties are determined that they have nothing to do with each other in future.

Divorce consent order commonly involves agreements regarding money and property, insurance, pensions, shares if any, other assets like car, computer and upkeep of children. It also covers marital compensation. After the consent is agreed upon by both the parties and is passed by the court, he or she will not be able to plea for anything in the future.

To get a consent order, a form 81D has to be filled up by the concerned person, which is a Statement of Information about the candidate. The person concerned typically needs to reveal a full assessment of all assets, sources of income, decisions made about children, particulars of any ongoing affair and any plans to get married in the future. This information is assessed by the court, which checks its validity and after consulting the other party about it, sends the rubber stamped document back to the candidate after being contented on all counts. Once stamped, the terms and conditions mentioned in the consent order cannot be refused.

Getting quick divorce through Clean Break Order or consent order is safe and prevents the other partner to make claims for money or property after the divorce. Divorce settlements will often comprise maintenance for children, protection for one of the spouses, division of capital, sharing of pension schemes and adjustments to rights of property and other assets.

Divorce consent order is an ideal device for those that want to Get Quick Divorce and to get things resolved much faster. It is a clean and quick breakup procedure which has proved handy for people who fear that they might lose in terms of money, dignity and peace.
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