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Texas Street Force, Law Enforcement Specialists Now Offering Services in Texas

06th February 2017
By Alberto Stellpflug in Legal
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1888 PressRelease - Our law enforcement specialists will ensure your building is always kept safe. Texas Street Force brings expert law enforcement services for hire in Dallas Texas and surrounding areas.

Texas Street Force: July-29-2015 Although your certified security guard may deter crime from your office buildings, events, or even residential communities; ordinary security guards only have the ability to contact law enforcement to confront situations in the event of an emergency. Police officers are highly trained, and take action immediately. Here are some forms of protection an off-duty police officer in the State of Texas can help protect you and your community...

Homeowners Associations: Having off duty police officers present as homeowners' association meetings and day of night security patrols for neighbor communities will aid in making your community a safer place.

Public and Private Events: Securing safety and controlling traffic at events of all sizes: sports events, corporate product events, parades, carnivals, street fairs, school events, fundraisers, weddings, and private parties. Our event security specialists will ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Corporate, Retail & Banks: Texas Street Force bodyguards offer executive protection, personal security for company personnel at meetings and trade shows, security and protection in cases of employee termination and workplace violence, and building security day and night. Texas Street Force only employs the best off duty police officers to ensure you and your company's safety.

Road Construction & Traffic: Texas Street Force off duty police officers control traffic and pedestrian flow wherever vehicles and pedestrians are in close proximity… such as sports or performance events, parades, church services, morning and afternoon school rush hours and events, weddings, fundraisers, and private parties. Texas Street Force specializes in traffic control at road construction sites.

Personal Protection: Texas Street Force law enforcement specialists provide personal protection for high-profile personalities and VIPs, secure transportation of valuable (such as gems, bank deposits, documents), protection against death threats, or other threat exposures for any individual, including bodyguard services for events, parties, buildings and anything else you require.

Construction Sites:

Directing construction equipment and traffic flow near road

Protecting structures, equipment, and materials at all phases of construction.

Service to commercial and residential construction sites day or night.

Building Security: Hiring off duty police officers for your building is always a smart decision. They offer building security for property management companies, corporate offices, retail structures, and hospitals.

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