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Texas Motorcycle Laws – Important Info for Drivers

31st March 2010
By Penelope Stone in Accident claims
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The state of Texas, along with all other states, has its own set of laws and requirements governing motorcycle operators. If you operate a motorcycle in Texas, it is imperative that you know the laws of the land. This will prove beneficial should you become involved in an accident.

In Texas, the requirement to wear a helmet applies to all drivers and riders of motorcycles under the age of twenty one. The helmet worn should comply with all standards set forth by Texas’ Commissioner of Safety. The exception to this statute is for those riding in an enclosed cab or a three wheeled motorcycle that is fully enclosed. There is no restriction placed on the wearing of speaker helmets, but, to be safe you should only wear one. Before you ride in Texas, be sure to check with the Commissioner of Safety to make sure that your helmet meets minimum requirements.

Motorcycle liability insurance is required in Texas. You must provide proof of at least ten thousand for accidental injuries. The details of the requirements can be confusing at first glance. Operators are required to maintain coverage in the amount of at least twenty five thousand dollars for bodily injury to any one person in a single accident and fifty thousand dollars for bodily injury to two or more persons in a single accident. In addition, there is also a requirement of coverage of twenty five thousand dollars for property damage in a single accident. Failure to maintain proper insurance coverage is a punishable offense. It is considered a Class C Misdemeanor in Texas.

Driving on the road is a responsibility that no motorcyclist should take for granted. Each motorcyclist should know the laws of the road. In Texas, no more than two motorcycles are permitted to operate abreast in a single lane. It is also unlawful to split lanes, which is the act of overtaking and passing in the same lane as the vehicle to be overtaken. This means that no motorcycle should operate between lanes of traffic or between adjacent lines or rows of vehicles.

Motorcycle operators are responsible for keeping with the updating laws, as they are subject to change.

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