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Accident claims

Road Traffic Accident Claims

04th November 2011
As we all know that hundreds and thousands of road traffic fatalities are happening every year in the whole world. So it is not surprising to hear that road traffic accident claims are among the most famous personal injury claims. Having great proportion ...
Author: jason
Personal Injury

How to File a Personal Injury Claim Against a Government Entity

26th July 2011
With these week-long efforts to educate the public about wellness issues, the APHA aims to make America the "healthiest nation in one generation."The theme of this year's Health Week, "Safety is NO Accident," encourages communities all over the country to...
Author: Ned Leon
Accident claims

Individual Auto Accident Claims Businesses!

06th June 2011
Accidents have become a widespread event these days. A victim of an accident undergoes immense emotional trauma. Dealing with the aftermath of an accident is not simple job. Not several are informed that a victim of an accident can make a claim for the lo...
Author: BrandiMartinez

Objective Theory of Negligence

18th February 2011
In Blyth v. Birmingham Water Works Co., [(1856) 11 Ch 781] Alderson states, "Negligence is the omission to do something which a reasonable man guided upon whose considerations which ordinarily regulate the conduct of human affairs, would do or doing somet...
Author: Mutex Robb
Accident claims

Examples Of Pedestrians Severely Hurt While In A Marked Crosswalk

26th August 2010
Do you think you're safe by following the rules and using a crosswalk to cross the street? You you try to only cross a street at a marked crosswalk. If perhaps there were a guarantee that drivers would follow the rules and give pedestrians in a crosswalk ...
Author: J. Hernandez
Estate Planning

Why Contractors Need Public Liability Insurance

10th August 2010
If you're a contractor, then you know that you are responsible for many things. Everything from your employees, the project, the client, and the business rely on you to make the right decisions. Because of this, there are many risks to being a contracto...
Author: alfredalton
Estate Planning

Tradesman liability insurance And Why You Need It

10th August 2010
Are you in a service oriented business? If you're a tradesman then you know that there are many things that can go wrong from the service not being successfully completed, your equipment breaking or being getting stolen, and somebody getting injured duri...
Author: alfredalton
Personal Injury

Limitations for Personal Injury Claims

15th April 2010
One of the most difficult things in life is dealing with a personal injury, especially one caused by using something one thought to be safe. The law literature is full of stories. People buying furniture, for example. In one case, a man in his 60s bought ...
Author: Robert Palmer
Accident claims

Traffic Accidents: How do I claim compensation?

13th April 2010
Who is entitled to claim compensation? The innocent party in the traffic accidents in the UK can file a claim. If you or someone with you receives injuries due to carelessness of another driver, you are entitled to claim compensation. You don't need to ju...
Accident claims

Does the Pedestrian Always Have the Right of Way?

08th April 2010
We’ve all been taught that the pedestrian has the right of way but is that really true all of the time? The short answer to that question is no. While different states have different laws, the idea that common sense and personal responsibility are i...
Author: tb_chats
Accident claims

Car Accident Compensation Claims

23rd December 2009
Car accidents cause a great deal of trauma in peoples lives. If you have suffered a personal injury in a car accident, either as a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian, you can make a claim. Personal injury claims can be for a range of injury types in...
Author: Rickie Mcdonald
Accident claims

Advice on Traffic Accident Claims

17th December 2009
It is very much necessary to maintain utmost care while one is on driving mode. Even the slightest of ignorance can lead you to a fatal accident. So if a little care can prevent the traffic accidents taking on the life of the driver or the pillion driver,...
Author: leoclaims
Accident claims

Determining the Amount of Compensation for Car Accident Victims

10th December 2009
In an automobile accident, the amount of compensation given to victims is affected by their own conduct and the actions of the drivers who cause the injury. To determine the approximate amount of compensation the plaintiffs should receive, most courts ...
Author: Mesriani Law Group

Factors That Affect Traffic Accidents

17th August 2009
Traffic accidents refer to vehicles colliding with another vehicle, a pedestrian, an animal, or a geographical or architectural obstacle. In 2008 alone, there were 43,313 fatalities were reported in the United States. Traffic accidents can either le...
Author: Mesriani Law Group