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FBG Internet & Law Services Department Vs one guy

03rd October 2011
We were promised: a dedicated account manager to oversee our campaign to make sure it is running well and then 2 weeks in we are told that the stats could not be retrieved until 3 weeks in. Can you explain how you would tweak adverts, text, and copy to im...
Author: ScottyRoss

How Can You Benefit from Enhanced Capital Allowances

07th December 2010
Not many businesses in the UK know but as a business operating in the UK a company can be entitled to claim for capital allowances. Capital allowances can help make decisions more financially viable and cost effective alongside helping reduce corporation...
Author: davefoster
Business Law

7 Secrets and Traits of Successful Video

13th September 2010
Hi! Iím Maria Andros, founder and CEO of Video Marketing Queen, Inc. Each one of us has a passion for a cause, a commitment, family, etc. Iím passionate about teaching entrepreneurs and businesses around the world how to increase profits, attract new clie...
Author: videomarket01
Internet Law

5 Google Adwords Tips to Avoiding PPC Catastrophe

17th August 2010
Google Adwords is recognized as the default for advertising online. It is certainly one of the best sources for generating tons of fresh, targeted leads for your business. The downside to Google Adwords is it can hurt you if you don't know what you're do...
Author: dkw
Internet Law

How to Detect Click Fraud for Small Business Websites

19th April 2010
It's important to stay calm and rational when trying to assess if your advertising campaigns are falling victim to click fraud. Not generating business through paid search is more often a result of poor campaign set up or bad management rather than a mali...
Author: Rob Hartley