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Business Law

Recover data from USB drives

10th February 2012
After the invention of USB, portability in the device s increased dramatically. For the USB, plug and play option was enabled and people can just attach their device to any computer with USB ports working and start their work. Among the devices pen drive ...
Author: niteshahir

2007 Federal Excise Tax Refund Warning

01st February 2011
Sales Tax: Washington State imposes a sales tax on the retail sale of tangible goods and many services. This tax is reported on the same revenue return discussed above. Thus, it can be due monthly, quarterly or annually. The rate varies depending on your ...
Author: Abraham Williams

Strange laws around the world

11th July 2009
There are many strange laws still in operation around the world. Most are no longer enforced, but technically you could be prosecuted if you break the following laws. IN THE UNITED STATES • In Ohio it is illegal to get a fish drunk. • I...
Author: amnorge