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Business Law

How are Physicians Expected to Bill Post Implementation?

10th October 2012
Even though ICD 9 and ICD 10 are very similar in many ways including the guidelines, rules and conventions used which consequently brings out similarity in the organization codes as well; ICD 10 is a product of many improvements done in ICD 9 coding. In ...
Author: Andersen Keen
Business Law

An insight into LLP formation!

08th June 2011
LLP or limited liability partnership is a famous acronym that is used during the company formation. In LLP, the individual members have limited liabilities to any form of debts that arise during the functioning of the company. Actually the LLP offers you ...
Author: amit

Tax Calculator 2011 USA for USA Tax Calculation 2010 2011

20th January 2011
Some online tax calculators 2011 USA will automatically pick the standard deductions for you based on your (AGI) adjusted gross income of your full year, and will also choose the proper tax bracket to calculate your 2010 income taxes, state taxes, federal...
Author: denialnichol