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Can You Open a Checking or Savings Account after Missouri or Illinois Bankruptcy?

18th January 2010
Opening up a bank account after Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Missouri or Illinois is often the first step people take to rebuild their credit. And the idea that you cannot open a checking or savings account after bankruptcy just isn't true, just ...
Author: JamesBrown

Was Shakira's Inspiration for Success Rooted in a Family Bankruptcy?

18th January 2010
You aren't likely to find a person who can't hum the familiar tune of "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira or know the chorus to any number of her other popular singles.She has become one of the most successful pop stars of all time, but not without some modest in...
Author: JamesBrown

Are There Famous People Who Have Declared Bankruptcy?

06th January 2010
We have entered the information age-a time where finding the exact information you need is just a click away. With that availability, comes a media network that is very eager to share the personal lives of many celebrities. But I bet you didn't know that ...
Author: JamesBrown
Bankruptcy Law

The Benefice of Hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer

24th November 2009
For fear of losing money, some individual debtors choose to file bankruptcy on their own without realizing that they would have been better off with the help of a Bankruptcy Lawyer. Find out how beneficial a bankruptcy lawyer can be when filing for bankru...
Author: EstherA

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 341 Meeting

29th October 2009
If you are going to file aChapter 7 Bankruptcy, you may have heard of something called a 341 meeting. A section 341 meeting can also sometimes be referred to as a meeting of creditors or creditors meeting. Essentially this is a meeting where if you are fi...
Author: Jay King


24th July 2009
There are many different types of claims of a patent application. Some patent claims are about the type of invention. There are apparatus claims, method or process claims, claims to designs, chemical composition, etc. There are also claims which are r...
Author: sbbarca

Chicago Illinois Bankruptcy Attorney Advocates Flat Fee Chapter 7 Filings In Cook County,

22nd March 2009
Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In Chicago can be a very streamlined and effective process if clients understand what is entailed and how to keep costs down. Many attorneys and law firms in Cook County, Lake County, And Dupage offer a level of service fo...
Author: Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer
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