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Getting Your Driver’s License or Social Security Number

10th February 2012
Most Immigrants to the US are often in a big hurry to apply for a driver’s license or Social Security number. They thin k that this will give their immigrant status a kind of legalization. But more often, if this is done in a huge hurry, there might be re...
Author: jamesalbert

Phoenix Law Firm - Phoenix personal injury attorney

10th August 2011
The system of rules that is made by any society to maintain order and protect ' properties and people ' from harms is called law . Maintaing law is the most important aspect in every country . The law is implemented by the police, lawers and courts . Law ...
Author: lawyertrust

HSBC Offshore Account Holders Likely Target of Continuing IRS Investigations

04th July 2011
New Jersey Tax Attorneys of The Thorn Law Group are emerging as leaders in offering legal representation for U.S. taxpayers who, in many cases unwittingly, invested in undisclosed offshore bank accounts. Potential prosecution of Hong Kong Shanghai Banking...
Author: Jerselaw
Immigration Law

Immigration restrictions and law

24th March 2011
Shah peerally is a leading law group that offers its full service to its clients with its head quarters in California. This law firm is headed by Hassan Abdullah and shah peerally in the San Francisco bay area. Our H1b lawyer San Jose offers more than 50 ...
Author: Saving California Homes
Bankruptcy Law

What is a Bankruptcy Attorney?

22nd October 2010
A bankruptcy attorney is just that, an attorney that assists you with filing for bankruptcy. Once you have decided that a bankruptcy in Phoenix, AZ or another market in Arizona is indeed what is right for you and your family, you are faced with the task o...
Author: Max Gunderson
Bankruptcy Law

Why You Should Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney: Part 1 of 3 - The Means Test

22nd October 2010
by Max Gunderson There are many individuals in the Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona metro areas that are at a point where they may want to soon look at declaring bankruptcy as a solution to their current unenviable financial situation. Many of these same i...
Author: Max Gunderson
Bankruptcy Law

Predatory Payday Loans End in Arizona

24th September 2010
Even though much of Arizona is mired in a financial recession, there are still people out there that are trying to take advantage of those that are down on their luck. These predatory lenders can devastate consumers. Predatory loans can come in the form o...
Author: Max Gunderson
Bankruptcy Law

How to prevent car repossession and recover a vehicle if it has already been repossessed

24th September 2010
If you are on the brink of having one of your vehicles repossessed we can answer the question “how do I prevent me car or vehicle from being repossessed?” and can help advise you as to what you need to do. If you are concerned about car repossession, the ...
Author: Max Gunderson
Bankruptcy Law

How to Stop the Harassing Phone Calls from Creditors and Debt Collectors

24th September 2010
Are you someone who has recently encountered serious financial problems? If so, you understand the stress filled reality of such a situation. Your phone rings all day with calls from bill collectors looking to squeeze whatever small amount of money they ...
Author: Max Gunderson
Family Law

Fathers' Rights in Child Custody Cases

13th April 2010
In divorce, one of the biggest concerns for many fathers is their child custody rights. An attorney is the best resource for specific information regarding family law issues such as child support and custody, but there are some general rules that apply to...
Author: Justin

Legal Responsibilities of Tax Preparers

08th April 2010
The short answer to this question is that a paid preparer cannot lie or advise a client to lie about any part of a return. Professional tax preparer organizations have a higher standard than does the IRS for paid preparers but that is changing. Essentiall...
Author: tb_chats
Bankruptcy Law

Can You Be Fired for Filing For Bankruptcy

24th March 2010
In general you cannot be fired for making filing a bankruptcy petition under the U.S Bankruptcy CodeUsually your employer will not know you have filed for bankruptcyUnder Section 525(b) of the U.S Bankruptcy Code you cannot lose your job for filing for ba...
Author: Frank Smith
Bankruptcy Law

Debt Settlement and Mortgage Modification Scams on the Rise Warns Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer Richard

18th March 2010
Richard G. Fonfrias, J.D. of Fonfrias Law Group, LLC (, a leading Illinois bankruptcy law firm, urges consumers seeking financial help in these difficult times to proceed with extreme caution. "Debt settlement scams and m...
Author: Robert Palmer
Real Estate Law

The utility of property law group’s services in everyday life

30th December 2009
Property law group has been formed with the objective to provide the best feasible legal service to its clients along with interesting and collegial support. This law group is dedicated to provide personalized legal services and explains every aspect of y...
Author: jacksmith
Personal Injury

Your Rights in the Workplace

21st December 2009
Many workplace injuries can be avoided by following the basics of planning ahead, being organized, understanding the job required and following safety procedures. If machinery is faulty, or the right safety procedures are not in place however accidents do...
Author: SmithSEO
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