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Smuggling and Evasion of VAT: Getting Around Tax Laws and Customs

26th March 2010
The act of smuggling is all about the importing and exporting of foreign products without authorization from the government, which controls customers and the boarders of each country. Smuggling is a means of avoiding having to pay for customs duties, whic...
Employment Law

References for Filing of Labor Court Cases in the US

26th March 2010
Employment discrimination cases have often been placed under the jurisdiction of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal commission with the responsibility to enforce anti-discrimination laws. Following the filing of the case with ...
Accident claims

Vehicle Accident Claims

26th March 2010
People have greater chances to be hurt in a vehicle accident than any natural disaster. According to statistics made by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration an estimated 45,000 people die in vehicle-related accidents every year, which accoun...
Personal Injury

Personal Injury Litigation

26th March 2010
The most prevalent types of personal injury claims include accidents at home and work, accidents on the road, accidents due to defective products, holiday and tripping accidents, as well as assault claims. Both medical and dental accidents are incorporate...
Real Estate Law

Introduction to Real Estate

26th March 2010
Types of Land Estates There are several types of land estates. Below are some examples, Fee simple: The preference of the nature of the property is enjoyed by a tenant. This is an unconditional type of estate whereby a tenant can lease an estate for ...
Criminal Law

Misdemeanors vs. Felonies

26th March 2010
The categorization of crimes is determined by the penalties that they receive. Minor offenses are a component of misdemeanors. These trials are usually presided over by magistrates during proceedings because the issues are dealt with when the defendant fi...
Real Estate Law

How to Determine Who is at Fault in a Property Line Dispute

24th March 2010
"Good fences make good neighbors." Do you agree with this statement? Having some space between you and your neighbor can be a good thing, but in order to put up that fence you'll need to know your actual property line! It's also good to have an ...
Bankruptcy Law

Can You Be Fired for Filing For Bankruptcy

24th March 2010
In general you cannot be fired for making filing a bankruptcy petition under the U.S Bankruptcy CodeUsually your employer will not know you have filed for bankruptcyUnder Section 525(b) of the U.S Bankruptcy Code you cannot lose your job for filing for ba...

Factors to Consider in Seeking a Divorce Attorney

24th March 2010
Divorce can be ugly and downright traumatizing; even for the best of couples who are parting on amicable terms, there can still be hurt feelings and misunderstandings that make the situation even more difficult. An attorney is almost always recommended...