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Internet Law

Fraud, Chargebacks, And How They Affect Your Online Business

06th April 2011
Online merchants all over the world have to deal with fraudsters who are trying to steal their products or services through bank or credit card fraud. When a purchase has been made by a customer, and you have received the so-called "authorization" fro...
Business Law

Trademark Registration – Get IPR Services from our Global Law Firm

17th August 2010
A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design, or combination of words, phrases, designs or symbols is used in the course of trade that identifies and distinguishes the source of the services or goods of one enterprise from those of others. trademark re...
Author: rahulkumar
Business Law

Patent Registration: - India Patent is a platform to share information on Patent & Innovation.

02nd June 2010
Patent Registration in India aims at preventing and protecting the unauthorized use, selling and importing of the product or process innovatively invented. Patent is a legal right/document given by government to the inventor of the any new and useful prod...
Author: rahulkumar
Business Law

Registering and protecting a trademark – how can a lawyer help

18th May 2010
A trademark helps distinguish the products of a particular entity from others in the same category. This is the field that the trademark lawyer specializes in. If you think that you would be able to take care of all details regarding your trademark think ...
Author: craig23
Copyright & Trademark

Trademark Landmarks: Fox News vs. Al Franken

03rd April 2009
If you run a business successfully, you will no doubt have looked at a breakdown of the reasons why it is successful so that it can continue to be so. In many cases, companies have looked at elements of their business, chiefly how it is carried out and ho...
Author: mgordon