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Immigration Law

Does New Zealand Student Visa Interest You?

03rd October 2011
With the concept of immigration spreading like a wild fire, and nations like India showing the way, focus has shifted to immigration by students for study purposes to nations like Australia and New Zealand. Here, also it is India which is leading the char...
Author: preeti sharma
Immigration Law

Procedure and Laws for Immigration to Australia

17th May 2011
Each year almost six million people come to Australia for vacations or to undertake study programs. These immigrants have made a significant contribution to the country’s economy. The standard of living in Australia is highest in the world yet the cost r...
Author: Subhash Kashyap
Immigration Law

Australian Visa: Children under 18 years of age

13th April 2011
Children under the age of 18 are eligible to file their own Australian visa application. However, being minors, there are certain requirements that must be completed for these applicants. An example of Australia visa that allows this is the student visa. ...
Author: dylan
Immigration Law

Study in Australia: Steps to Get You There

24th February 2010
The Australian educational system is world-renowned for its quality. Australian universities have graduated international achievers, including eight Nobel Prize winners. Study courses in Australia are carefully structured via a national curriculum framewo...
Author: Haines