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Does New Zealand Student Visa Interest You?

03rd October 2011
By preeti sharma in Immigration Law
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With the concept of immigration spreading like a wild fire, and nations like India showing the way, focus has shifted to immigration by students for study purposes to nations like Australia and New Zealand. Here, also it is India which is leading the chart and showing the way. Actually, India has lately become the biggest nation of source for countries like New Zealand, with a 12% jump in the approval of applications under the category of skilled migrant for the financial period of 2010-11. New Delhis surge was mainly thanks to ex students from India who shifted to temporary work prior to permanent residence.

This brings us to the issue of student visa. In case one wishes to study in New Zealand for over three months he will require a Student (Temporary) Visa which would enable him to study full time in the nation. Students undertaking a course of one year or more are entitled for 20 hours work in a week and full time during the Holidays of Christmas.

Post graduating from a course which would make them eligible for points under the category of Skilled Migrant, students are eligible to submit an application for a Graduate Job search work Permit (One year open work permit) minus an offer of job which suits their course or qualifications, students are entitled to submit an application for work permit for a period of two year. A student visa is only valid for the period of his course in the nation and will conclude almost immediately, post the conclusion of the course.

New Zealand Student Visa Requirements

In order to submit an application for the said purpose one must:

Have an offer of a place from an education provider from New Zealand; fulfill the health and character criteria; submit proof of sufficient funds to support himself (He will also require proving that he has a return air ticket, or the funds to buy one); furnish evidence that he intends to leave the shores of the country after his course of study comes to an end; have a passport which is valid for not less than three months following the end of his desired stay.

It needs to be mentioned that a person could very well apply to the Immigration Service of New Zealand and express his interest to work on a part-time basis during his studies. In case his application manages to sail through successfully, he will be entitled to work for close to 20 hours every week for the duration of his academic year.
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