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Business Law

Ergonomically Correct

25th February 2011
The phrase ‘back breaking work’ has typically been associated with labor that requires heavy lifting and long hours in the sun. However as the world has come into a digital age, most ‘back breaking work’ happens behind a desk. At first glance the work t...
Author: edeskcofurniture
Accident claims

Accident Claims Helpline - Lower Body Injuries

15th September 2010
Lower body injuries are fairly common and include injuries to the groin, legs, hips, knees and feet. Compensation amounts for lower body injuries can be fairly high as they often affect a claimant's mobility and, therefore, can prevent them from contin...
Author: Accident Claims Helpline
Personal Injury

Avoiding Back Injuries

08th February 2010
Back injuries are among the most common of all home and work related injuries. They also account for more time off work than almost any other personal injury. From lumbago, to a slipped disc, to broken vertebrae backs are very susceptible to injury. Becau...
Author: SmithSEO