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Accident Claims Helpline - Lower Body Injuries

15th September 2010
By Accident Claims Helpline in Accident claims
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Lower body injuries are fairly common and include injuries to the groin, legs, hips, knees and feet.

Compensation amounts for lower body injuries can be fairly high as they often affect a claimant's mobility and, therefore, can prevent them from continuing their current employment. If this is the case the lack of employment and stable income will form the platform for a compensation claim.

Leg injuries can cause immobility which can in turn cause you to have to take time of work resulting in a loss of earnings. Compensation will help ease the financial strain in these cases. This compensation can help cover medical bills and lost earnings, as well as compensate for the pain and trauma endured.

Hip injuries are most common following a slip, trip or fall and can be particularly dangerous for older people.

Foot injuries are also common after a slip, trip or fall. A broken bone, or damaged nerve or tendon could make walking, or even standing, very difficult.

For some, rest or physiotherapy will be enough to cure a minor leg injury. However, more serious leg injuries may need surgery to correct them.

A groin injury usually happens when muscle in the groin area is stretched beyond its limits, causing the muscle to tear.

Groin injuries can include a hernia. A hernia is an abdominal injury which can occur when an internal part of the body pushes through the tissue or muscle which surrounds it. The resulting protrusion can often be felt through the skin as a lump.

Injuries like these can be caused as a result of the injury victim putting an unusually large amount of strain or pressure on the groin or abdomen area through intense physical activity.

Hernia type injuries in the groin and stomach wall can be the result of strain caused by heavy lifting at work. They can develop over a period of time and may need surgery to repair.

Following a severe groin injury or hernia, the accident victim is likely to need some time off work to rest; this loss of earnings can form a platform for compensation.
Knee injuries are very common and can happen for a number of reasons. Often, they are the results of sporting accidents. Knee injuries can also be the result of car accidents, osteoarthritis or slips, trips and falls.

There are various types of knee injuries that individuals can suffer with such as, a sprain, a strain and bleeding in the joint.
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