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Immigration Law

Children born in United States of America Soil

23rd January 2012
Per the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Immigration Statistics (OIS), I-94 non immigrant admissions can be sub divided into three categories Non-resident, Short-term resident, and Expected long-term resident The word “resident” sho...
Author: Paul Anderson

What Every Employer Needs to Know about I-9's

31st March 2011
What Employers Need to Know about I-9’s • ICE penalties from worksite enforcement inspections increased to $5,300,000 in FY 2010, up from $1,033,291 in FY 2009, with average fines exceeding $110,000 • ICE criminally ...
Immigration Law

USCIS and Visas

23rd March 2011
US immigration is a approach which can be termed being a foreign person transferring to United states of america as an immigrant or a non - immigrant. A foreign individual who wishes to seek entry to U.s. should posses a visa and abide from the principles...
Author: Peter Catz
Immigration Law

Who Can Apply for K3 Visa?

14th January 2011
Living in the US after marrying can be boring if the spouse or family is not with you. Such people by all means try to bring their family as well to the US . True enough, uniting with the family and living in the US is a pleasant experience. In order to ...
Author: Paul Anderson
Immigration Law

Boston activists argue in opposition to immigration standing examine coverage

25th September 2010
BOSTON, Massachusetts - Immigration activists in Boston are urging the Boston Police Section to end its participation in a federal plan that checks the immigration standing of people today who are arrested.Activists are claiming this apply is discriminato...
Author: Major Paul
Immigration Law

How Do You Avail Relief from Deportation Proceedings

22nd June 2010
What if a non-US citizen or an alien is being expelled from the US under Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)? The process is traumatic for those who are already going through the phase. The removal proceedings include several complicated steps right ...
Author: Daniel Smith
Immigration Law

The Purpose of the Fiancee K1 Visa

26th March 2010
The dependents of the foreign fiancee who must be under 21 years of age, are permitted to enter the US on a visa known as a K-2 which is not separate to the fiancee visa, but part of the K1 visa application.The first step in obtaining a K1visa is that th...