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Immigration Law

Enjoy the privileges of being a family member of US citizens

21st December 2011
US citizenship is the zenith in the life cycle of any immigrant. It gives them greater benefits than what they were enjoying previously as immigrants/ legal permanent residents. It not only benefits them but also their immediate family members. So to put...
Author: Jessica Potter
Immigration Law

The Adjustment of Status Process

25th October 2011
Adjustment of status is the last step in the green card or (LPR) process (that of becoming a legal permanent resident). You, the foreign national have to file an I-485 Application for Adjustment of Status, most likely based on a pre-existing and approved...
Author: Paul Anderson
Immigration Law

Form I-360 for classifying an alien as Amerasian immigrant

11th October 2011
USCIS offers different routes for immigrants to enter the US based on their eligibility criteria. Immigration forms also vary for each immigrant category. Form I-360 is one such form which is an immigrant petition that is to be used by Amerasian, widow or...
Author: Jessica Potter
Immigration Law

Overview of the Concurrent Filing Process

21st September 2011
What is concurrent filing? One easy way of getting a green card is through the adjustment of status process. When an immigrant petition and the adjustment of status application are filed simultaneously, then the process is referred to as concurrent fil...
Author: Jessica Potter
Immigration Law

H1B Visa Application

20th September 2011
The H1B Visa is the primary US work visa made available to foreign workers from all over the world. The H1B visa program was introduced by the US Government to offer and enable skilled International Professionals and/or International Students, the opport...
Author: hazel Ickes
Immigration Law

How to become a Permanent resident through consular processing?

09th September 2011
Being a Green Card Holder (Lawful Permanent Resident) is a prestigious issue and a dream for many. It gives the person the right to live and work in the United States. There are two ways by which an individual can become a Green Card Holder. One is the Co...
Author: Jessica Potter
Immigration Law

The EB5 Allows Permanent Residency in USA

07th September 2011
EB 5 Visa Introduction The EB-5 visa for Immigrant Investors is a United States visa created by the Immigration Act of 1990. This visa provides a method of obtaining a green card for foreign nationals who invest money in the United States. To obtai...
Author: Prakriti Nanda
Immigration Law

Getting a Green Card For Child

22nd August 2011
One of the many advantages of being a US citizen is that you can sponsor your loved ones for a green card to come and live with you in the US. As a US citizen, you may petition your spouse, parents and children for the green card status. Whereas, if you...
Author: Paul Anderson
Immigration Law

Who Can File Form I 485?

14th June 2011
The immigration process to the US differs depending on your current place of stay. If you are outside the US, you have to go through consular processing at the embassy in your country. If you are already in the US and eligible to apply for a green card ...
Author: Paul Anderson

Facts You need to Know about I 485 Approach?

25th March 2011
In case you are overseas and wish to immigrate to your US, you should go through consular processing. Whereas if you are currently within the US and are eligible to apply for any green card primarily based on becoming sponsored by an employer to loved one...
Author: William Mack
Immigration Law

Is it Possible to Modify my Legal Standing?

23rd March 2011
Adjustment of Status refers to the procedure by means of which a non-immigrant (that is previously in U.s.) gets to be a permanent resident. The person might apply for adjustment of status without needing to go away the country and apply from his or her r...
Author: Alex Bastian
Immigration Law

What is Adjustment of Status?

22nd March 2011
In case you are already within the US and therefore are qualified to apply to get a green card based mostly on becoming sponsored by an employer or family members member or based mostly on holding asylee or refugee status, you are able to apply for adjust...
Author: William Egan
Immigration Law

Legal Permanent Residency America

14th March 2011
A green card may be the most crucial issue a lot of people close to the world wish to receive. A green card enables immigrants from numerous international locations from all around the world to reside and work permanently inside the United States.You'll f...
Author: Robert Crandall
Immigration Law

United States Marriage Visa

09th March 2011
The marriage visa is actually a household based immigrant petition wherein a US citizen petition for an immediate relative for immigrant status. An instantaneous relative incorporates spouses, dad and mom, and unmarried minor children which includes minor...
Author: Charley Wilkins
Immigration Law

Downloadable USCIS Immigration Forms

08th March 2011
Immigration is often a procedure exactly where a foreign person moves to United States with a non permanent grounds or to live permanently. For an individual to go in Usa no matter whether for a temporary pay a visit to or a permanent stay, a visa is esse...
Author: Al Kola
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