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A crisis on the roads

04th March 2011
The law of unintended consequences has been working its way into the public's consciousness as the results of the recent elections see the new lawmakers taking up their positions in state legislatures around the country. With the swing against the Democra...
Author: Grace Oaks
Business Law

Canvas Stretcher: Some Key Features

18th February 2011
Canvas stretcher manufacturing industry has come of age. In recent years, companies have come up with different models of inkjet canvas stretchers in order to ensure that canvas designing becomes a pleasant experience. A good canvas stretcher can be consi...
Author: picturemaster
Personal Injury

What to Do after a Work-Related Injury

13th July 2010
Accidents in the workplace are unfortunately a common event; they can range from small slip and fall accidents to more serious problems and even lead to wrongful death. Work place accidents can happen anywhere at any time! The Department of Labor found ...
Author: David
Employment Law

Accidents at work: Top 7 Facts about UK Work Accident Statistics

10th December 2009
Accidents at work happen every day in the UK, and the latest statistics from the Health and Safety Executive for 2008/9 show just how many and what type of work accidents have been reported by British workers in the last year. Here are the top 7 facts abo...
Author: Jessica Parker