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The Divorce and Property Division: The Worst Arguments

21st March 2011
One of the worst arguments that accompanies a divorce is property division, especially when the property is real estate. The marital home tends to be a sore spot among divorcing couples, especially those who have been married for a long time. While the mo...
Author: Christy
Accident claims

Can Whiplash Neck Injuries occur with Low Speed Road Traffic Accidents

09th September 2010
Whether you live in the USA or the UK, if you have personally experienced a Whiplash Neck Injury or you are friends with someone who has suffered whiplash symptoms then you will be fully upto speed with how painful a condition this can be. Once you are ma...
Author: IanG

Stepping Into The World Of Child Support

24th December 2009
Have you ever stopped to consider what the words, "Child Support" really mean? Right away most of us probably think of money. And, yes, that's a major factor. But the money is simply a way of supporting your children among the many other ways you look aft...
Author: Lisa J. Peck

Child Support Attorneys-2 Critical Elements in your choice

23rd September 2009
The breakdown of a relationship with children caught in the crossfire will force you to engage the services of a child support attorney. There are a number of important things to look for the best child support attorneys 1. Experience Your child supp...
Author: Sarah Dillon
Estate Planning

What to Think about When Changing Your Will

23rd April 2009
Making a will can be an emotionally challenging experience. It is one of those acts that incontrovertibly causes you to look a bit closer at your own mortality and consider what you want your final impact to be on a world without you. The fallout from a p...
Author: mgordon