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Immigration Law

UK Tier 4 Dependent Issues

21st July 2010
Recently I have tried to submit a Tier 4 Dependent for an unmarried couple that have been living together for over 5 years. This couple had more than sufficient evidence of their relationship going back 5 years. On their date of submission the embassy wor...
Author: jonnylips
Family Law

Child Custody Questions-The Essential Quesions For Your Child Custody Battle

13th July 2010
Below are some frequently asked questions regarding child custody, as well as their answers. If you have specific concerns, it is best to seek advice from an attorney. What is a child custody proceeding? A child custody proceeding is the expression ...
Author: Sarah Dillon
Family Law

Michigan Adult Abuse Reporting Requirements

13th July 2010
Every state has some form of law that deals with reporting abuse. In Michigan, that law can be found at MCL 400.11a. While it may seem strange, the first thing that must be mentioned is what constitutes an adult. For purposes of this law, the term adul...
Author: LJB Law Office
Immigration Law

Green card application – How does sponsorship work?

29th June 2010
A Green card sponsorship basically refers to a request to permit a foreigner to live and work in the US. This can be made by an immediate family member, employer, or spouse, in case all of the latter are US citizens. In case of the employer, he/she needs ...
Author: College ParkHigh

Distribution agreements – benefits and risks

14th June 2010
A distribution agreement is a legally binding contract and regulates the commercial terms between a supplier of goods and a distributor of goods. The supplier of the goods supplies the goods to the distributor for resale in specified territory  The suppl...
Author: Clark_Taylor

Public Marriage Divorce Records Online Search: Search Marital Records Easily

19th May 2010
Doing A Public Marriage Divorce Records Online Search The Simple Way Thousands of people are looking to find public marriage divorce records online every day. Some persons perform a marital records search for a few factors. They may want to make sure t...
Author: davisio
Immigration Law

Can I sponsor my brother or sister for a Green Card?

18th May 2010
You can make use of the family-based green card process to apply a green card for your brother or sister. If you are a U.S. citizen, you should have gained your citizenship through naturalization or citizenship process, and you should be above 21 years o...
Author: Paul Anderson
Criminal Law

Criminal Lawyers to Defend Yourself

11th May 2010
It is quite disheartening to know when you or someone you know are accused with a serious crime, finding the right lawyer for the case can be a toughest part of this problem. While hiring a criminal attorney, it is important to think carefully about abili...
Author: Mark

Houston Divorce Attorney Guiding through the Most Difficult Phase of Life

07th May 2010
Divorce is the most emotionally trying situation in anybody life that can shattered even the strongest individual. But sometimes in life it becomes important to start a new life instead of continuing a disastrous and traumatic relationship. A new chapter ...
Author: Article Manager
Personal Injury

Selecting the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

05th May 2010
Being injured due to another person's negligence can often be a trying time both physically and emotionally. To alleviate some of the worry from an injured person an experienced personal injury lawyer should be hired. Deciding on a personal injury attorne...
Author: Penelope Stone

How Divorce Affects Your Children

30th April 2010
Recently I spoke with a woman whose coaching practice revolves around the issue of children and divorce. She had many useful strategies for dealing with this challenge but what it all seemed to come down to is this: if you love your children more than ...
Author: Shelley Stile-Divorce Recovery Life Coach& Author

Weston Divorce Attorney - The Economy and Divorce in Weston

29th April 2010
During the past several months I have seen a large increase in the number of individuals consulting with me about a possible divorce. People with long term marriages, short term marriages, and everything in between. I of course immediately began to suspec...
Author: H. Baron

Looking for The perfect Divorce Lawyer

21st April 2010
The following aren't meant to cause some alarm, however researches tell us which A tenth of the number of adult Americans is a divorcee, the percentage which informs us how delicate marriages can be in this day and age. If one is trapped in a relationshi...
Author: Peter Pensten
Criminal Law

Plan your Defense with a Tampa Criminal Lawyer

20th April 2010
The key to presenting a successful defense of criminal charges in court is the relationship between lawyer and client. When you hire a Tampa criminal lawyer they should work with you to present a defense which has been built around a legal interpretation...
Author: juliannemayers
Family Law

Children of Abused Men - Family Violence from the Eyes and Hearts of Battered Men

15th April 2010
There is a plethora of information on the Internet and in the media about violence against women. And for the gentleman being abused, finding relevant, accurate insight and advice is like finding a needle in a haystack. Even harder for abused men is fi...
Author: Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.
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